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Bellator 141 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates for 'Guillard vs Girtz' online

Esther Lin

Bellator 141: "Guillard vs Girtz" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Aug. 28, 2015) from Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, Calif., featuring a much anticipated Lightweight fight between promotional newcomer Melvin Guillard and long-time Bellator veteran fighter Brandon Girtz.

The co-main event also has implications for Bellator's Lightweight division as Patricky Freire and Saad Awad battle each other for their place in line to fight division champion, "Ill" Will Brooks, sooner than later.

Two intriguing Heavyweight bouts round out the televised card tonight on Spike TV as hard-hitting boxer turned-fighter Raphael Butler looks to "silence" the debuting Lorenzo Hood, while Justin Wren returns after five years of charity work in the Congo looking to smash a middling journeyman in Josh Burns.

Bellator 141 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the undercard "Prelims" action on that begins at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 141) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Melvin Guillard vs. Brandon Girtz: Girtz by SD 29-27 X2, 28-29.
Patricky Freire vs. Saad Awad: Freire by UD 30-27 X3.
Raphael Butler vs. Lorenzo Hood: Hood unable to fight due to injury.
Justin Wren vs. Josh Burns: Wren via UD 30-27 and 30-26 X2.
Marloes Coenen vs. Arlene Blencowe: Coenen via sub (armbar) 3:23 R2.

'Prelims' Undercard (

Ilima Macfarlane vs. Maria Rios: Macfarlane by SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
A.J. McKee vs. James Barnes: McKee by KO 1:42 R1. (Unaired.)
Adrienna Jenkins vs. Lissette Neri: Jenkins by TKO 2:38 R1. (Unaired.)
Ray Sloan vs. Luc Bondole: Bondole by UD 29-28, 30-27 X2. (Unaired.)
Johnny Cisneros vs. Gabriel Miglioli: Cisneros by UD 30-27, 29-28 X2. (Unaired.)
Curtis Millender vs. Steven Ciacco: Millender by UD 30-27 X3. (Unaired.)
Derek Anderson vs. Brent Primus: Primus by SD - 28-29, 29-27, 29-28.
AJ Matthews vs. Emiliano Sordi: Matthews by TKO (medical) 5:00 R1.


Melvin Guillard vs. Brandon Girtz

Round 1: Girtz is in the red trunks for tonight's main event. Guillard is in the white. Girtz is 11-4, Guillard is 32-14-2. Our referee for the main event is 'Big' John McCarthy. Girtz immediately takes the center and tries to edge his way toward Guillard, finally tagging Guillard with a shot and throwing him to the ground. Guillard recovers and Girtz hits a double leg 47 seconds in, moving immediately to side control. Girtz is warned not to grab the gloves as Guillard tries to tie Girtz up. Two minutes elapsed with Girtz still dominating, nearly grabbing a key lock until Guillard moves his hips and scoots out of trouble. Girtz throws knees to the body as he looks for another opening. McCarthy tells Girtz to work more at 3:56. Girtz gets in a few left hands to Guillard's head and grinds the blonde dye with his right elbow. A one sided first round that will go 10-9 to Girtz.

Round 2: Girtz stance mirrors how he started the first round - short stutter steps and careful pawing of the range with his right hand. He lets Guillard get close enough to throw a big combo and Guillard dances away. Girtz tags Guillard again and throws him to the ground with authority at 1:30, taking him right down again when Guillard gets back up and going hard for an armbar. Guillard escapes and comes up swinging but can't land a home run shot. 2:30 gone. The belief on commentary is that Guillard can't see out of one eye. Girtz is again letting Guillard come toward him hoping to catch him with a counter - and he does at 3:44. Guillard loses his mouthpiece. Girtz gets another takedown at 4:18 as Guillard overcommits on a big strike. Girtz throws the uppercut and just misses as Guillard gets up at 4:30. Both men land hard with 10 seconds left. Girtz gets the last big right of the round.

Round 3: 17 seconds into this round Girtz easily gets another takedown. Girtz works away from half guard as Guillard gets a warning about putting fingers in his face. McCarthy calls for work at 1:44. Girtz slowly inches his way toward getting the knee over as McCarthy calls for action, then loses it as he goes for a kimura and misses, ending up in closed guard. Guillard flails away on his back trying to buck Girtz off. Guillard tries to elbow the crown of Girtz' head. McCarthy calls for Girtz to improve and finally stands them up at 3:26. Girtz doesn't turn to face his foe and Guillard immediately comes forward throwing big shots, just missing with a jumping knee but landing a regular one flush as Girtz circles away. He keeps going back to the well with the knee and Girtz finally takes his back and throws him to wind up on top with 32 seconds left. We're going to the judges with one last attempt by Guillard right at the bell.

Final result: 29-27 Girtz, 29-28 Guillard, 29-27 Girtz by split decision.


Patricky Freire vs. Saad Awad

Round 1: Awad is 18-6. Freire is 13-6. Awad is in the red trunks tonight and Freire is in the white. Our referee is Mike Beltran and his massive mustache, and he commandeers a live mic to remind them to follow the rules. There's no glove touch to open the round. Awad throws a couple of kicks that don't land. Freire lands the first leg kick at 1:01. Freire is content to circle and let Awad come to him. Another leg kick. Awad throws a high kick. Awad throws a right that misses. Freire stuffs Awad's takedown attempt and attempts a spinning backfist. Awad goes for a head kick and falls down, but recovers before Freire can do anything. Freire shoots but only takes Awad off his feet for a second. They spin against the fence and break at 3:34. Awad lands a left hook. Freire tries a flying knee with 20 seconds to go. Beltran warns them not to grab the shorts. A very tense first round with very little actual damage done.

Round 2: Freire tags Awad with a left hook after taking another leg kick. He's pushing forward now and making Awad be the one to back up and work on the outside. Good exchange from both fighters at 90 seconds. Freire almost loses a takedown attempt as Awad tries to step over to the back but twists his way to full guard on top. Beltran immediately calls for work. They've been down there for seconds - let them TRY to work before you CALL for work Mr. Beltran. Awad tries to push Freire away for an upkick and draws a warning about kicking a grounded opponent. Freire stands up and backs away at 3:03. Awad goes for a single leg and doesn't get it then disengages with a punch as he backs up. Body punch from Freire. Awad lands an uppercut and misses with a right hook. 4:20 and it's anybody's round with 40 seconds left. Freire lands a hard right and pushes forward. He goes for a single leg and Awad slips away. It's a very close bout going into R3.

Round 3: Both men tap both gloves to open the third round, having finally earned each other's respect. Awad has blood trickling from his mouth. Freire with a hard leg kick and a left hook combo. Freire keeps pushing the pace. Awad backs away from a combo at 1:25. Body punches by Freire at 1:45. Awad tries and fails to take his back standing. Freire is backing him toward the fence and unloading. Awad gets free and they dance around each other. Awad wings out a front kick that doesn't land with 90 seconds remaining. Left hook by Awad grazes Freire. Awad jabs and Freire blocks. Freire stings him a little with ten seconds left and completes a takedown at the literal last second.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 all for Patricky Freire by unanimous decision.


Justin Wren vs. Josh Burns

Round 1: According to Bellator MMA (I think they count a few fights other people don't) Wren is 13-2 and Burns is 12-8. Burns has on bright red trunks, Wren is wearing black trunks. Our referee is Jason Herzog. Both men tap gloves and we're underway! Burns lands a few good short lefts. Wren responds by tying up and looking for a takedown against the fence. Wren unloads with knees and Burns tries to peel him away. More knees from Wren. There's some blood trickling out of Wren's nose. Herzog decides it's a stalemate and restarts them at 2:05. Burns has some blood trickling from his right eye. Wren lands two hard overhand rights and Burns wobbles for a second. Wren pushes Burns to the fence and lands knees even as Burns is complaining about a shot to the groin the ref didn't see. Wren is warned not to link his fingers in the cage. He keeps pulling down Burns' head to meet it with a knee. Burns finally pushes him away at 4:22. Wren eats a clubbing left before R1 concludes. 10-9 Wren.

Round 2: Gloves are touched and smiles are exchanged as R2 begins. Wren pushes Burns into the fence at 25 seconds but Burns turns him around. Wren turns him back as Herzog calls for work. Wren goes for a throw but can't quite complete it. Wren pumps a couple of left jabs after a reset. Heavy right hook from Wren. Left hand also finds a home. Big right hand at 2:14 and Burns looks flummoxed. Both men are breathing hard. Wren wobbles burns with a knee at 2:40. throws more knees as he has Burns pinned against the fence, the clinch is leaving Burns wide open and Herzog is looking for a reason to stop it - but Burns survives!! His face is a blood mess. Right hook by Wren. The entire left side of Burns face is a mess. Wren with another right at 3:56 and he pushes Burns into the fence for more clinched up knees. Herzog calls for work with 20 seconds left. Wren backs away and they trade to end R2. 10-8 Wren.

Round 3: The doctor clears Burns to continue after checking his left eye and R3 is underway. Wren's first blow of this stanza is a leg kick. Wren ties Burns up at 1:10 to move toward the fence but Burns turns him around before they get there. Herzog calls for them to keep working. Herzog resets them at 1:46. Wren pumps the jab with his left. Herzog checks if a kick was to the groin but Burns says he's good. Left hook from Wren just blances off. Wren tries to grab the thai clinch again for a knee and gets off one. Burns goes for an outside leg trip from a body lock with no success. He gets warned not to grab the fence and Wren turns him around. Elbow by Wren. Knee by Wren. Leg kick by Wren. One minute to go. Wren is teeing off on his opponent now. Wren is landing combos but Burns gets one last exchange, and maybe one punch that comes after the bell. The judging should go to Wren.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 and 30-26 X2 all for the winner Justin Wren.


Ilima Macfarlane vs. Maria Rios

Round 1: Rios is in an American flag top with a mohawk and blue gloves. Macfarlane is in all black from head to toe with red gloves. Our referee is Mike Beltran. Both fighters circle to find range for the first minute. Macfarlane is dancing back and forth like a boxer. Beltran warns the fighters to watch the fingers. Macfarlane trips over her own feet and lets Rios on top in half guard. Macfarlane wants a kimura, gets a sweep, and loses the kimura in the process. Macfarlane gets up and backs away with 3:15 gone in R1. Macfarlane with a nice leg kick. She comes forward decking Rios with overhand rights. Rios hits an outside leg trip to save herself. Macfarlane stands with short time and tries to light Rios up against the fence. 10-9 Macfarlane.

Round 2: Beltran warns both fighters to watch their fingers 15 seconds into R2. Macfarlane continues to tag Rios with rights. She's content to circle on the outside and let Rios move toward her so she can counter. Rios takes the back standing after blocking a throw at 2:46. She's trying to get leverage to suplex Macfarlane to no avail. Beltran calls for work. Rios throws knees and stomps on the feet. Another call for work at 3:38. Again at 3:56. They finally separate at 4:27. Macfarlane immediately tags Rios with a right. Macfarlane hurts her with ten seconds left and Rios clinches to survive.

Round 3: Both women tap gloves to start the third round. They wind up against the fence again with Beltran calling for work at 1:13. Rios pushes Macfarlane away at 1:35 with another finger warning from our mustachioed referee. Rios strategy this entire round is to just keep pinning Macfarlane against the fence so she can't land bombs. Beltran resets them at 3:28. They end up on the fence again with a minute left and Beltran gives his ten millionth "work to finish" warning. At this point with 30 seconds left he should just let it go. Rios gets a leg trip and gets on top right before the bell. Macfarlane should get the decision.

Final result: 29-28 Rios, 29-28 Macfarlane, 29-28 for Macfarlane by split decision.


A.J. McKee vs. James Barnes

Unaired live or on - results available above.


Adrienna Jenkins vs. Lissette Neri

Unaired live or on - results available above.


Ray Sloan vs. Luc Bondole

Unaired live or on - results available above.


Johnny Cisneros vs. Gabriel Miglioli

Unaired live or on - results available above.


Curtis Millender vs. Steven Ciacco

Unaired live or on - results available above.


Marloes Coenen vs. Arlene Blencowe

Round 1: Blencowe has on a black top and trunks, blue gloves, 6-4 overall. Coenen is 22-6 in the red gloves and red trunks. Our referee is George Allen. Coenen lands the first leg kick but eats a few hard head shots in the process. They close the distance and Blencowe throws a knee. Coenen gets the single leg at 33 seconds. She goes to side control right away then moves to Blencowe's back looking for a submission. She gets the body triangle in tight and Blencowe is taking hard rights to the head. 2:10 gone and we've seen almost nothing from Blencowe since the opening seconds of the fight. Allen seems like he's looking for a reason to stop it if Blencowe takes too many unblocked shots. Blencowe tries to turn out when Coenen goes for the rear naked choke but Blencowe retains control. Coenen almost knees Blencowe in the head on the ground trying to break her stance. Coenen is going for a sub again with short time left and can't get it but easily takes a 10-9.

Round 2: Blencowe tries to open R2 aggressively and lands a few decent shots. Her rights are finding the mark but don't seem to be rocking Coenen, who takes the back and takes Blencowe to the ground at 1:03. Coenen goes for an armbar and Blencowe slips out. Coenen wants Blencowe to jump back into her guard and she refuses so Coenen stands up at 1:38. Blencowe gets a takedown but backs away from being in guard again. The ref says "attack or let her up" and Coenen finally stands. Blencowe lands some more rights and gives Coenen the opening for another takedown at 2:48. She's going for the armbar again. She straights it out and with under 120 seconds left in R2 this one is over.

Final result: Marloes Coenen via armbar submission at 3:23 of the second round.


Derek Anderson vs. Brent Primus

Round 1: Primus is in black/gray trunks and blue gloves. Anderson is in solid black trunks and red gloves. Our referee is Jason Herzog. Primus is knocked down just seconds into the first round - before Bellator even gets the clock on the screen. He recovers quickly though and jumps to piggyback against the fence 54 seconds in. Primus needs until 1:17 to finally break him down and get him on the ground then look to take the neck. Both fighters scramble at 1:44 but Primus winds up looking for an armbar out of it. Anderson avoids it and backs up and away so the can trade on the feet. Primus pushes him to the fence and takes the back, locking on a body triangle and once again looking for the RNC. He gives up the triangle to go for an armbar but Anderson escapes. Both men stand at 3:54. Primus lands a solid left as he chases Anderson across the cage. Spin kick by Primus. A fun first round.

Round 2: Anderson backs Primus toward the fence to open R2, then has to stuff a takedown attempt from Anderson going the other way. Primus takes a couple to give a couple and is chasing Anderson across the cage again. Primus is able to take the back and put on another body triangle. Anderson is able to turn out and get on top at 2:15. Primus takes a few right hands looking to get an armbar but the hard elbows to his head are making him regret it. He's generating a lot of power for from his opponent's guard. They both get up at 4:01. Close two rounds.

Round 3: Primus nearly takes the back again 38 seconds into R3 but Anderson slips out. A guillotine attempt by Anderson is blocked. Primus gets full mount 1:25 into R3 and immediately ends up on Anderson's back again. Primus switches to an armbar and Anderson slips out and he's back on top. Unless Primus can stand up or sweep he may have given up the round by letting Anderson on top. Anderson stands up and backs away at 3:58 to force Primus to stand, and Primus immediately lands a left hand. Anderson responds with knees. Primus charges forward in the closing seconds, conceding nothing.

Final result: 29-28 Anderson, 29-27 Primus, 29-28 for Brent Primus by split decision.


AJ Matthews vs. Emiliano Sordi

Round 1: Emiliano Sordi is in the yellow trunks and A.J. Matthews the black. The stream starts late but it appears that the first 45 seconds have both men pinned up against the cage, no advantage gained either way. Matthews is staying at range, throwing body and leg kicks, occasionally getting in and trading, then having to stuff takedown attempts from Sordi. He's blocked three so far 2:30 into the fight. Matthews is landing a right hand cleanly. Matthews feels he has him hurt at 2:48 and gives chase. Sordi recovers and locks around the waist from behind seeking a takedown. Matthews ends up carrying Sordi on his back as the latter goes for a rear naked choke. Matthews escapes a really tight choke but ends up back in it again with 55 seconds left. He escapes a second time but Sordi is on top in full mount. Matthews rolls to escape the pounding and gives up his neck again, but he's able to survive with short time left to get to round two.

Round 2: Emiliano Sordi has quit on his stool before round two! Apparently he got dizzy and nauseous between rounds - possibly a concussion - along with numbness in one arm so they opted for Sordi to not continue the fight.

Final result: AJ Matthews wins via TKO (medical reasons) at 5:00 of the first round.


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