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Video: Ricardo Mayorga slaps the butt of Shane Mosley's girlfriend, 'Sugar' erupts with violent choke

Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga have bizarre and horrifying histories with women, respectively, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that the latest controversy involving the two features another lovely lady.

At the final press conference for their upcoming pay-per-view (seriously) rematch, "El Matador" took the opportunity to slap "Sugar Shane's" girlfriend in the rear as she was leaning down. Mayorga, clearly, could just not help himself. This prompted Mosley to try to choke Mayorga, resulting in a large portion of the room scrambling to split them up.

Mosley's girlfriend demanded that Mosly kill Mayorga, which "Sugar" says he tried to do, and that she'd give the Nicaraguan bruiser $10,000 to let her punch him in the face.

Of course, Mayorga replied that he'd give her $25,000 to slap her rear again.

I am honestly surprised -- I was under the impression that once you attempt selling a $49.95 PPV with two shot fighters in the main event on the same night that Leo Santa Cruz faces Abner Mares on free television, you can''t get any sillier.

Whether you think this is legit or just a publicity stunt, it's best to remember: Slap-ass is no laughing matter.

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