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WSOF exec warns Bellator: Sucky Melvin Guillard is a UFC reject who's out of his mind

And Ali Abdel-Aziz is speaking through experience, as he claims he made "The Young Assassin" tap multiple times during training.

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Melvin Guillard will look for new mixed martial arts (MMA) life when he steps into the Bellator cage for the first time to face Brandon Girtz at Bellator 141, which is scheduled to go down inside Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, Calif., on Aug. 28, 2015.

Full details here.

Guillard inked a contract with the Viacom-owned promotion after he was granted his release from World Series of Fighting (WSOF) earlier this year. And his relationship with WSOF was far from pleasant, as he missed weight twice (more on that here and here) and was pulled from an event for failing to submit his medicals in time.

According to WSOF Executive Vice-President Ali Abdel-Aziz, he doesn't care much for "The Young Assassin" -- or his "shit talking" -- after a tumultuous partnership. And he warns Bellator that once they decide to let him go, he'll only bad mouth them like he did his previous two employers.

From The MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting):

"I don't think it ended poorly. I just think Melvin, he's out of his mind. I don't really care about Melvin. He's a UFC reject. He's a WSOF reject. Now he's headlining Bellator's main event. Like, the guy was talking so much shit. When he left the UFC, he was talking shit about the UFC. When he left World Series of Fighting, he was talking shit about World Series of Fighting. When he's going to get cut from Bellator, he's going to talk about Bellator.

What really seems to irk Ali is the fact that despite granting Melvin his requested release, the sharp-tongued striker decided to bad mouth the promotion for no apparent reason.

As far as what he thinks of Melvin as a fighter? Well, it's not much better, as Ali says he's an older veteran who flat out "sucks." Plus, Ali also revealed that he got the best of him when the two men went at it at Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

That's why he's confident in saying the only thing Melvin will ever be champion of is tapping out.

"I'm upset with Melvin because after he asked for his release and (manager) Malki (Kawa) asked me, we gave him his release and he sent me a text message saying ‘thank you, I really appreciate it.' The whole thing is he's going on the internet and talking about WSOF is shit and UFC is shit. He's shit. Like, Melvin sucks. Honestly, I think he's an explosive, athletic guy, he's getting older -- it's not working for him. Listen, Melvin, we had some sparring sessions in the gym at Greg Jackson's, and I beat Melvin every time. Melvin is never going to be a world champion. Melvin is going to be a world champion of one thing: he taps. That's what Melvin does. That what he does, he's the world champion of tapping. All you've got to do is just match him up with a wrestler. He's going to take him down and finish him. That's how I finished him in the gym and Greg Jackson was a witness of that."

What happens in the gym doesn't always stay in the gym.

Perhaps Ali is merely venting his frustration and letting out a few secrets after giving the talented fighter a place to ply his trade after "The Young Assassin" was cut by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), only to be let down on multiple occasions.

But according to Guillard's recent conversation with, he plans on making the best of his newest opportunity, as he aims to capture his first-ever world title under the Bellator banner.

Just don't expect him to fight this guy.

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