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Carlos Condit on Robbie Lawler title fight: You can't get to upper echelon of MMA without stepping on toes

And if anyone has a problem with how title fights are issued, they need to talk to the powers that be at UFC.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

When it was announced that Carlos Condit -- not Johny Hendricks -- would get next crack at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler, the mixed martial arts (MMA) community -- for the most part -- was buzzing with excitement.

After all, putting two men inside the cage who love to strike and have a knack for putting on memorable performances has all the makings of an instant classic.

Hendricks, though, wasn't too pleased upon hearing the news. That's because he was already training for a trilogy fight against "Ruthless," seeing as how his No. 1 ranking should've earned him next dibs over the No. 4 ranked fighter in the division (who isn't all that exciting).

According to Condit, if Hendricks has a problem with him for accepting the fight, then he has at it all wrong. If anything, he should be upset with the powers that be that awarded him the championship fight.

Check out his comments on "The MMA Hour:"

"I see where they're coming from, but, I'm trying to get mine. I'm trying to get big fights and I am not worrying about who it will upset. I don't think they should be upset with me, they should be upset with who made the decision. I'm trying to get the biggest fights and I'm trying to get the belt around my waist. You're not going to get to the upper echelon to the sport without stepping on some toes."

As far as "Natural Born Killer" is concerned, he knows he has a tall task ahead. Before he steps into the cage, he needs to figure out a gameplan on how to stop Lawler, a super dangerous threat.

It's something he goes through with every opponent.

"With any fighter in the division, I am always impressed. When we sign a bout agreement, the initial psychology for me is, 'what did I get myself into and how do I beat this guy.' And for the first month of training, it's all about how we are going to beat this guy. Everybody at this level is so good, so well-rounded, so technically sound. But, as the camp goes on, I get more confident and come fight week, all the prep is done and I have to go out there and execute ... usually it works out for me."

He continues:

"He's a man just like everybody else. He's got strengths and weaknesses. He is extremely experienced, super skilled and he has great power. But, I am figuring it out."

Hendricks, meanwhile, will settle for a bout against No. 3-ranked Tyron Woodley at UFC 192, which takes place at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, on Oct. 3, 2015.

The winner of that fight will likely face the winner between Lawler and Condit, which is set to go down at UFC 193 on Nov. 15, 2015, in Melbourne, Australia. For his part, Condit will make sure he puts the effort in come fight night to show that UFC made the right decision in awarding him the bout.

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