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Charles Oliveira neck injury update: Hospitalized 'Do Bronx' releases statement after 'everything went numb'

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Oliveira is still in the hospital.

"Do Bronx" waved off his featherweight fight against Max Holloway last Sunday night (Aug. 23, 2015) in the main event of UFC Fight Night 74 in Saskatoon, Canada (watch it), when the Brazilian re-aggravated an existing neck injury suffered in training camp.

Today, Oliveira released a statement to MMA Fighting:

"I injured my neck in training, but did physical therapy and thought everything was fine, but when I fell against the cage everything went numb, I couldn't feel my body. I'm still doing a lot of exams here at the hospital."

Scary stuff.

Holloway walks away with a technical knockout (TKO) victory, but probably didn't exit the FOX Sports 1 broadcast feeling any sense of accomplishment, seeing as how their 145-pound showdown was over in roughly 90 seconds (full recap here).

Perhaps the Hawaiian would be willing to run it back somewhere down the line?

"I trained really hard for this fight," Oliveira told Guilherme Cruz. "I would like a rematch because there was no fight. I got injury literally in the first time I attacked."

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