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UFC Fight Night 74 results: 'Holloway vs Oliveira' full play-by-play recaps for FOX Sports 1 'Prelims'

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) rolls into Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada tonight (Sun. Aug. 23, 2015) for an intriguing UFC Fight Night 74 mixed martial arts (MMA) card featuring a featherweight frenzy as the evening's headliner.

Top 10-ranked Featherweight contenders Max Holloway (13-3) and Charles Oliveira 20-4-(1) will collide in a bout with major rankings implications in the night's main event. Each fighter will be eager to win impressively as their extensive winning streaks are put on the line.

However, before we can get to the main course, we were treated to a set of six "Prelims" undercard bouts beginning with the first two on Fight Pass at 6 p.m. ET (full results here), before the remaining four "Prelims" tilts aired on FOX Sports 1 at 7 p.m. ET.

Below are the results for the four FOX Sports 1 "Prelims" bouts:

Sam Stout vs. Frankie Perez

It's old-school versus new-school when the veteran lightweight Stout attempted to deny Perez his first UFC win.

Early leg kick from Perez to begin round one. Good right hand from the 26-year-old. Huge overhand right plants Stout on his behind and Perez follows him there to follow up with some unanswered ground and pound for the TKO finish. Stout drops his third-straight fight by knockout as his overall record drops to 20-12-(1), while Perez improves his record to 10-2.

Yves Jabouin vs. Felipe Arantes

"Tiger" aimed to defend his home turf against the invading well-rounded Brazilian Arantes.

Jabouin puts it on Arantes early and barrels in for the takedown. The 36-year-old secures it and begins work in side control. "Sertanejo" offering up very little opposition from the bottom. Arantes gets himself to the fence, but Jabouin continues to put his weight on him, grounding the Brazilian. He stands back up, but is quickly tripped to the mat by the Canadian. Jabouin working in full-guard now. Not much offense coming from Jabouin, while in top position, either. Arantes launches an upkick at Jabouin and threatens with an armbar, but the latter defends nicely. The pair partake in a scramble as the 27-year-old Arantes searches for an armbar once again. Jabouin defends briefly, but loses his arm to Arantes and taps out 4:21 into the first round. Jabouin loses his second-straight fight and falls to 20-11. Arantes is victorious in his bantamweight debut and improves his overall record to 17-7-(1).

Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Nikita Krylov

Light heavyweight bangers De Lima and Krylov battled to see who would continue their climb up the 205-pound ladder.

Lots of kicks coming from Krylov. He lands a couple of heavy body kicks and then rumbles into the clinch. De Lima pulls guard and Kyrlov begins to work his ground and pound, following a brief scare in a guillotine choke. The 23-year-old is caught in a second guillotine attempt by "Pezao" and escapes it with 3:00 left. He restarts his offense and eventually grabs the back of De Lima, cinching up the rear-naked choke with 2:29 left in round one. Krylov secures his third-straight win and sees his overall record improve to 19-4, while De Lima drops to 13-3-(1) and sees his two-fight win streak snapped.

Chris Kelades vs. Chris Beal

Two flyweight prospects went to war a gritty fight contested on the feet and the ground.

Kelades charges in for a takedown after a brief feeling-out process. Beal withstands and trips down Kelades, landing in half guard. The 30-year-old starts unloading, landing a few hard shots. He's now in the full-guard of "The Greek Assassin." Beal makes his way into half-guard. Kelades is trying to strike as much as he can from the bottom. Short elbows are connecting for Beal. He gets full-mount momentarily and then switches to back-mount. The pair of explosive flyweights are back to their feet with 90 seconds left in round two. The 34-year-old Kelades tags "The Real Deal" with a head kick and left hand. Beal thwarts a sloppy takedown attempt from Kelades and scores with his second takedown of the fight. Kelades boxes the ears of Beal to end round one.

Beal lands a left hand counter to start round two. Left cross finds the mark again for the California native. A jab connects for Kelades. He lands a jab to the body after failing on a takedown attempt. Beal counters a leg kick of Kelades with an overhand right. Good sprawl from Beal after Kelades drops for a takedown. Kelades backs him into the cage and is still searching for the takedown. He's continuing to struggle and switches to a body lock takedown attempt. Beal now reverses position in the clinch and separates, just as Kelades backs him up sensing he's tired. Beal picks up Kelades and slams him, but the latter latches onto a front headlock and uses it to get back to his feet. Kelades and Beal exchange some heavy shots on the feet as the former backs him up into the fence once again as round two draws to a close.

Kelades stalks Beal to start round three. A nice leg kick and left hand find the mark for Kelades. Beal reverses a takedown attempt from Kelades and lands in the latter's full-guard. Kelades continues his assault from the bottom and is looking to get back to his feet with 3:00 left. They standup with Beal is in hot pursuit. They separate with less than 2:00 left in the final round. Kelades lands a nice one-two combination. A good right hand from Kelades and body kick find the mark. He's starting to tee off on the exhausted Beal. Beal catches a body kick attempt and launches a couple of right hands at Kelades. They slug it out for the last 10 seconds as Kelades is awarded the split-decision victory and improves to 9-2, while Beal drops his second-straight Octagon bout and sees his record fall to 10-2.

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