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Bethe Correia calls for Miesha Tate UFC fight after 'Cupcake' labeled her a 'rookie'

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

After Miesha Tate was left out in the cold with the announcement that Ronda Rousey would next defend her title against Holly Holm at UFC 195 on Jan. 2, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bethe Correia saw an opportunity.

One that she took by calling "Cupcake" out to a fight inside the Octagon.

That's because the Brazilian brawler says she has some unfinished business with Tate, as the former No. 1 contender took exception to the fact that Miesha called her a "rookie" undeserving of a title fight so early in her career.

And as she recently told MMA Fighting, Correia says it's time to settle up.

"She mocked me when I lost because she thought she would be fighting Ronda, so I wouldn't miss an opportunity to mock her back.  She called me rookie, but always wanted to fight me, campaigned on Twitter in the past. Who wants to fight a rookie? It would be terrible to get beat up by a rookie."

Despite getting creamed by Rousey in 34 seconds (see it again here), Correia revealed that UFC president Dana White gave her props for talking about a good storm to draw attention to UFC 190.

In Bethe's "hate" chart, Rousey sits an No. 1 while Tate is close behind at No. 2. That's why she wants nothing more than to punch her in the face, more than once. And that's exactly what will happen if "Cupcake" dares stand with her.

"When the fight was over, I asked Dana to fight a top 5 next. He congratulated me for the job I did because we got a good media for the fight, and the good thing is that everything I did, I did from the bottom of my heart. He said he would give me this fight [against a top 5]. Wallid (Ismail) is negotiating my next fight now. I really want to fight Tate because we have something unfinished for a long time. I hate Ronda, and after her the one I dislike the most is Tate. I have unfinished things with her. I would go in there to trade punches with her. But she would want to grapple with me."

Unfortunately for Bethe, she likely won't get a fight against Miesha in the foreseeable future.

That's because UFC matchmakers are keen on letting Tate mix it up with Amanda Nunes at UFC 195. Should that come to pass, the Correia will have to look for another dance partner.

I hear Sara McMann and Cat Zingano might be available.

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