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Anthony Johnson apologizes for 'nasty' female Facebook rant: 'I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong'

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After his hateful and distasteful rant on Facebook about an encounter with an "ugly" woman from his gym, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Anthony Johnson today issued an apology.

"I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong and yesterday I was absolutely wrong," Johnson wrote on his Facebook page.

Johnson, 31, unleashed several eyebrow-raising remarks about an unnamed woman from his gym, calling her "ugly girl at the gym built like a bag of dried dog food" and saying, "you need more than stretching to help that beat up body," among other comments.

According to his Facebook post, the pair argued over her stretching near where he was lifting weights and that he threw her yoga mat across the gym. And he vowed to do it again if she didn't catch his threatening drift.

The No. 1-ranked 205-pound contender on UFC's roster initially defended his comments, but today changed his tune after having more time to think about his actions. "Rumble" apologized to the woman and appears to regret his hasty, emotional decision to post those comments about her on social media.

"I shouldn't have gotten that upset from the start, but I did, I mean, I'm human," Johnson wrote. "I said some pretty nasty things about a female from my gym while full of emotions (not a good idea) so I do wanna apologize to her for being rude as I was and not taking a break to relax after our argument.

"Sorry to everyone else too for having to witness me getting upset about a argument in the gym. I'm not going to sugarcoat it and make it seem like I'm a angel because I'm not, but I will admit when I'm wrong. Other than that I hope everybody has a awesome day."

According to, which transcribed the now-deleted public apology, a PR rep from UFC said the promotion was not ready to comment on the matter just yet.

Johnson was reinstated by UFC in Nov. 2014 after being suspended for a criminal complaint filed against him for domestic violence, which was later dismissed.

The 19-5 fighter is scheduled to face Jimi Manuwa at UFC 191 on Sept. 5, 2015.

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