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Brock Lesnar: Ronda Rousey 'a super freak in a weak division'

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Women's Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey, isn't just the "Best Fighter" on the planet, but she is also the "Most Dominant Athlete Alive."

Just deal with, seriously. Or just complain in the comments section below. Those who do are just as predictable and pathetic as the writers here who have to share every annoying, historic (and pornographic) accolade.

Shame on us, shame on you.

And since Rousey is not having Conor McGregor's babies -- even though the incredible click bait possibilities give me teenage butterflies and boners -- I will settle for the next best thing:


It was Lesnar who created the modern-day UFC celebrity cross-over craze. In fact, countless readers still can't stand stories on a former UFC Heavyweight champion who has gone on to bigger and better things ... and fight promoters. Nonetheless, we trudge forward, because for every one person who complains, there are 100,000 apathetic folks who don't stoop to such low levels.

Real numbers bear out this fact. And the fact of the matter is, when a pioneer who fans love to hate praises a woman who has taken a male-dominated sport by the balls, you can bet your bippy you are going to read about it here.

If you don't like it go chat about Glover Teixeira vs. a former coffee barista-turned Top 10 UFC Light Heavyweight fighter right here ... because that's what REAL fans do. It's all about the weak co-main events, bro.

Me? I'll hang out right here and share a little something the biggest star in WWE this weekend said about Rousey -- the UFC's biggest star right now -- on the biggest sports network in North America, ESPN, earlier this week.

Transcription via FOX Sports:

"I think she's a super athlete in a weak division. I really do. She is a man amongst women in the women's division. I take my hat off to her.... She's doing an excellent job at what she's doing. I don't know how she's juggling everything — movies and this, that and the other thing, going to Brazil and kicking butt over there and doing all the stuff she's doing. My hat's off to you, Ronda.... I'm not taking any talent away from her at all, but I think she's a super beast — a super freak in the women's division."

If I did not share this information from the "World Wide Leader," then I'd be unable to remind you that Lesnar is spitting the same game as retired porn star, Lisa Ann. And, by total coincidence, did you realize there is a porn parody currently in production dubbed, "ArouseMe," and the talent who is set to portray Rousey in the X-rated spoof wants to go on a date?

See, we're here to tie all those loose, often entertaining, ends together. The kind of ends you wouldn't otherwise hear about first ... if at all.

I don't know, maybe UFC should spend more time building huge stars like Lesnar, McGregor and Rousey, and less time on assembling unwatchable, late-night events (three years too late). This way we wouldn't have to write about the few, rare talents who most people gravitate toward -- for better or worse -- most of the time. Then, maybe, not as many fans would complain that just a handful of UFC stars dominate headlines, talk trash, win awards, make Hollywood movies, trailblaze or headline the biggest professional wrestling event of the summer.

Nah ... that well-researched, well-written "Saskatoon" undercard "Prelims" predictions article is so much more interesting.

Don't shoot the messenger.

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