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UFC's Anthony Johnson goes on ugly misogynistic Facebook rant, insults 'ugly girl in the gym built like a bag of dried dog food'

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Anthony Johnson has issued a public apology that you can read right here.

No. 1-ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight contender, Anthony Johnson, has been out of the negative spotlight since being reinstated by the world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) league in Nov. 2014 after a civil case regarding domestic violence was dismissed.

Earlier this week, however, "Rumble" -- who lost to Daniel Cormier via submission in his last fight at UFC 187 -- took to Facebook to fire off a rant at an unnamed female he referred to as "ugly girl in the gym" who had the audacity to be in his general vicinity.

Fury Fight Picks tweeted Johnson's rant, which has since been deleted from his Facebook page:

Johnson, 31, insulted the unnamed female several times in his social media rant, saying, "you need more than stretching to help that beat up body" and "stop wearing sports bras when your tummy look like an old country red clay dirt road." The Blackzilians team member also said he would throw the woman's yoga mat across the gym "again" if she was stretching near where he was liftting weights, basically admitting he had already done it.

Johnson -- who has already come under heavy fire from his previous suspension -- will endure even more criticism from this current Facebook post. Indeed, this latest incident is not something that is going to help him restore his public image, but rather foster the perception that he has troubling issues with the opposite sex.

For what it's worth, Johnson has already responded on Twitter, saying that nothing other than the yoga mat was touched and the woman was not threatened.

The 19-5 career fighter added that he didn't tell the whole story in his earlier rant, too:

This series of posts is not going to do Johnson any favors as far as the court of public opinion is concerned. Whether or not UFC gets involved in regard to its "Code of Conduct" policy will be determined in the coming days.

As it stands now, "Rumble" is currently set to face Jimi Manuwa at UFC 191 on Sept. 5, 2015.

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