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Shane Mosley: It's an 'embarrassment' that MMA respects women more than boxing

David Becker/Getty Images

"Sugar Shane" has never been one to mince words.

Having added a title fight between IBF Women's Super Bantamweight Champion Yulihan Avila and Maureen "The Real Million-Dollar Baby" Shea to his upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) rematch with Ricardo Mayorga, former three-division boxing champion and pound-for-pound star Shane Mosley took his sport to task for the lack of respect it shows to its female athletes.

"It’s an embarrassment to boxing that UFC and MMA show more respect to their women fighters than the boxing world does, and it’s about time we caught up," he said in a press release.

I'm sure Billy Joe Saunders has no idea what Mosely is talking about.

While Mosley certainly has a point -- especially when you consider that even brilliantly-entertaining knockouts artists like Ann Wolfe and Lucia Rjiker never got anywhere near the attention of their male counterparts -- things have been looking up for lady pugilists. In fact, 2012's Olympics saw the introduction of women's boxing to the international games and beloved Irish star Katie Taylor -- who won gold for her country -- was added to the upcoming card featuring Andy Lee against the aforementioned Saunders.

Still, it doesn't look like boxing's as eager to jump on the bandwagon as the UFC has been ... and that kinda sucks.

Especially when you consider the potential superstar potential.

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