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Chael Sonnen reacts to 'silly' and 'ridiculous' Anderson Silva drug defense: Don't insult everyone's intelligence

"Guys who dig their heels in and come out and deny and lie and refuse to admit the findings of the test have always been treated more harshly. In Anderson's case, he went down swinging all the way to the end ... the defense was very silly and ridiculous. I'm just not sure why he thought he needed to put it up there. These tests are bulletproof. It was found in his system and that's the end of it. The reason why it was in his system is simply irrelevant. Guys that end up in this spot -- and I'm one of those guys, I can tell you from firsthand experience -- like to make a big case and a big show about why it was in their system. But look guys, it's pass-fail. You took and you competed. You're in violation.... I think ethically, he had the right to turn to the free market or black market if he's trying to heal his leg. What he cannot do is also compete. He's got to choose one. He didn't need to touch on five different dimensions and insult everyone's intelligence. Just tell everybody, 'Yeah, I did it.'"

-- Former Anderson Silva arch nemesis, Chael Sonnen -- who now works as a mixed martial arts (MMA) analyst for ESPN -- is among the many who were unimpressed with the Brazilian's hokey hearing (read a detailed recap here) with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). The former Middleweight champion pleaded that nerves, as well as erectile dysfunction, were to blame for him testing positive for steroids and anti-anxiety medication after his decision win over Nick Diaz at UFC 183 earlier this year. In response, NSAC suspended him until Jan. 2016 and fined him a hefty $380,000. It was a punishment, according to Sonnen, that he should have just accepted rather than plead "ridiculous" ignorance. That's what Sonnen did, sorta, but he abruptly retired from the sport before these punishments were levied. Despite his criticism of Silva, Sonnen hinted that he'd like a third match against his nemesis when both are cleared to compete, which would be sometime around mid-2016. Don't hold your breath.

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