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Matt Brown: No one has a chance against Jon Jones at light heavyweight ... or even at heavyweight

I'm sure a few big men might take exception to this bold statement ....

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Brown has a very high opinion of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

In fact, during a recent conversation on "The Great MMA Debate" podcast, "The Immortal" said he doesn't give any 205-pound fighter in the world a chance to beat "Bones." Furthermore, if the talented superstar moved up to heavyweight, the big men there don't stand much of a chance, either.

His words (via FOX Sports):

"I wouldn't give anybody a chance against Jones honestly. Even at heavyweight, I think Jones would probably win the heavyweight title if he wanted. He'd probably have to actually train and build his body for heavyweight and be properly prepared, etcetera. But yeah, you know."

Jones has pretty much cleaned out the Light Heavyweight division since making his Octagon debut in 2009. "Bones" defended the 205-pound title a record seven times before he was stripped of his belt and suspended indefinitely following a hit-and-run car accident earlier this year.

And even though he has flirted with idea of moving up to the 265-pound weight class, "Bones" will first have to focus on his personal issues and pending legal problems before he even thinks about stepping back into the cage to claim a new title or reclaim his old one from this guy.

Or he could just welcome Fedor Emelianenko to UFC ... even if the Russian might be considered an "easy" match. too.

One thing is certain: Jones has numerous options if and when he returns to action. And he'd likely be the odds-on favorite no matter who stands across the cage.

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