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Josh Koscheck: I did more for UFC than Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, so where's my job offer?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White insisted he was going to hook Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira up with a cushy front office job at Zuffa headquarters once the mixed martial arts (MMA) legend decided to call it quits.

Perks of being an all-round legend and ambassador for the sport, a la Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes.

It's a benefit former UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck feels he earned as well, telling Submission Radio he was pretty offended that he didn't get offered the same type of job as "Big Nog," especially since he's done much more for the promotion than the Brazilian has.

"I wasn't going to re-sign with them, because it's simple; you put 27 fights in, you give them 10 years of your life, you'd think that they would have stepped up to the game or stepped up to the plate and put a job offer in front of me. I think I've done more for the UFC than Nogueira, without a doubt, and he gets a job."

Who did more for UFC is a debate I'm sure could (and would) go on for days.

In the absence of love from his ex-boss, Koscheck -- one of the original "Ultimate Fighters" -- took his talents to rival promotion Bellator MMA after inking a contract with the Viacom-owned fight promotion earlier this year.

That seems to be the cool thing to do these days.

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