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CM Punk: 'I've made more money on my per diems alone than Cathal Pendred has in UFC'

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As a kid, I once got into an argument in the schoolyard and the jerk who was hassling me told me his dad made more money than my dad. As expected, all the gawkers were like, "oooooooooooh!" and I walked away with my hands in my pockets and my head hanging low.

He was right and it bummed me out.

Not to suggest UFC welterweight Cathal Pendred was feeling anything remotely similar when CM Punk pulled a Mayweather, but their entire Twitter exchange (yes, another one) -- which started when the Irishman knocked the rookie's striking -- reminded me of the playground days when that sort of thing determined your self worth.

Yeah, well, just wait until those Reebok checks clear, then we'll see who's rich!

Punk made a bunch of money in professional wrestling and because he didn't live his life like it was a Budweiser commercial, was able to abandon the land of make believe when things didn't go his way. That led to a UFC contract last November, but not a UFC fight.


That said, Punk is expected to make his Octagon debut by the end of 2015, or perhaps even early 2016. Pendred may compete in the same weight class, but it's unlikely the athletic commission will approve a grudge match between a combatant with 20 professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fights and one with zero.

I'd watch anyway, which I guess is the point of all of this silliness.

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