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Not-manly Brendan Schaub clarifies Ronda Rousey comments, slams MMA media for twisting his words and 'setting the sport back'

Esther Lin

Those idiots in the mixed martial arts (MMA) media are at it again.

Just imagine how far along this sport would be if it weren't for the hack "journalists" and their GOTCHA headlines. And don't even get me started with the Ronda Rousey click bait, or the "Conor McGregor took a shit and you won't believe what happened next!" -style of reporting.

Thank God none of that applies to us.

For the rest of the MMA media, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight "contender" Brendan Schaub has a real issue with the way you twisted his words about the aforementioned Rousey. You know, when he said he was too much of a man for the "Rowdy" champion, he simply meant he was not too much of a man.

From his latest podcast:

"I'm a huge Ronda Rousey supporter. I love that girl. I'll defend her to the death. I always do. Too much man? I would never say that. I'm a guy who watches romantic comedies, I like pop culture. I read some books, I drink coffee. I'm not that manly."

See his original comments (with video) here.

Interestingly enough, Schaub insists he knew the MMA media was watching him on the "Fighter Companion," hanging on his every word and begging for some juicy tidbit about Rousey, with whom he was romantically linked at some point over the past few years.

Simply put, he called it.

"Right before we went on the air, I said every MMA journalist is watching the Fight Companion with their pen and pad out going, 'Please say something. Dear God, please something about Ronda. She's so hot right now, please say something about Ronda.' Hey TMZ, relax. This is what's wrong with mixed martial arts. Journalists, you need to listen: when you post this stuff, when you credit TMZ as a reliable source, man, that sets our sport back. Do you see NFL breaking news on TMZ? When you do this stuff and you twist people's words, it's not good man. You're setting the sport back."

So, about that NFL thing...

The outspoken Schaub, who has been vocal about the promotion's new Reebok deal (much to the chagrin of his boss), is coming off back-to-back losses to Andrei Arlovski and Travis Browne and as of this writing, does not have a fight lined up for 2015.

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