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UFC 192's Tyron Woodley wanted to earn title shot by getting through Johny Hendricks

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

After months of lobbying, Tyron Woodley finally got his much-desired Welterweight fight against former division champion, Johny Hendricks, as the two men are set to throw down at UFC 192 on Oct. 3, 2015, in Houston, Texas (details).

So why was Woodley so adamant about facing "Bigg Rigg?"

According to his comments on "The MMA Hour," he wanted to earn his title shot by beating a tough veteran like Hendricks instead of putting on an awesome performance agaisnt an unranked foe.

"I'm a sportsman, man. I want to fight the best. He's a former champion, he's had three or four title shots. One he pulled out and the other were very close. He is arguably one of the best if not some people think he's the best guy in the world. Me, I can go out and fight a guy that is outside the top 10 or one that is a good style matchup and I can go out there and put on this crazy performance, beat him up and look all amazing and get a title shot that way. But me, I know beating the best and continually and consistently doing that, is going to make my road to the title deserved and earned. That's when i can look in the mirror and sleep at night and feel comfortable about that."

Taking the path of most resistance? I like it.

The two men are no strangers to facing each other, as they initially went at it during their college wrestling days with Hendricks pulling out a victory over "T-Wood." It's a match Woodley says was close before Hendricks resorted to fish-hooking him.

That resulted in Woodley retaliating by biting his fingers, which of course prompted the referee to penalize Woodley and not Hendricks.

It's always the second guy who gets caught.

Nevertheless, the two men will finally get it on one more time, this time, punches and kicks will be allowed, which means Woodley can let out all that pent up aggression he has held since their college days.

Just no biting (and fish-hooking) ... still.

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