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Nutritionist: Cris Cyborg can 'definitely' make 135 pounds for Ronda Rousey fight in December

Sorry Mike, your services are no longer required.

Esther Lin/ ShoSports

According to UFC President Dana White, Tito Ortiz lied when he claimed the promotion offered Cristiane Justino a "super fight" against Ronda Rousey at UFC 194 on Dec. 5, 2015.

Lie or not, the Brazilian is ready to fight and her nutritionist, George Lockhart, is confident the lethal striker -- who currently reigns supreme as the Invicta FC featherweight champion -- can make the bantamweight limit by that time.

From his conversation on The MMA Hour: (via MMA Fighting):

"If they want her to fight Dec. 5, it would be within the timeline. It would be close, but she could definitely make 135 before Dec. 5. A lot of people don't have the athleticism or the conditioning or the mindset to do this. She does. I don't see it being a problem at all."

One of the issues of losing so much weight, is that it could potentially affect her punching power and stamina. But according to Lockhart, he is confident he can not only get Cyborg down to 135 pounds, but can also get her back up to 170 pounds the next day.

"That's my goal. My goal is to make her better, faster, more explosive at 135. ... If anything, she's going to fight exactly the way she does at 145. The more time we have the better, obviously. But we could get her down there within four to six months."

Probably why Joe Rogan made these comments.

If "Cyborg" and Co. actually come to an agreement for the fight, White believes it will do over two million pay-per-view (PPV) buys.

While that prediction is a bit far-fetched, hitting over one million buys is not, especially if Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor settle their beef the same night.

Sorry, Miesha.

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