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Tim Kennedy slams 'pathetic' UFC-Reebok payouts, willing to donate blood for Anderson Silva in Dallas

Damn hackers are at it again.

Esther Lin

Tim Kennedy (18-5) is not walking through that Octagon door.

At least for now, as the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender is having a blast during his hiatus from the fight game. Probably because he's doing things like making out with his "hot wife," playing with his infant son, and taking out war criminals.

That's according to his conversation on The MMA Hour, in which Kennedy said he's disenchanted with the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), due to the fact that the business side of it has gotten out of hand. Aside from bad reffing and other issues, one of the big factors keeping him on the sidelines is the state of sponsorships.

More specifically, the much-criticized Reebok deal UFC signed earlier this year.

According to Kennedy, he's in no big hurry to come back for a very small slice of the Reebok pie, simply because he made more sponsorship money in one fight under the Strikeforce banner than the entire UFC Fight Night 73 roster combined; which totaled $107,500.

His words:

"My disenchantment has come from the business side of it. The officiating, the reffing, the sponsorship. Where the sport is now, it's horrible, tragic, and pathetic. Glover just fought OSP, right? The entire Reebok payout was $100,000 or something? All, every athlete on the entire UFC card that night. I made more sponsorship money in Strikeforce than every single athlete on that card that night. In one fight! Me vs. Luke Rockhold or me vs. Jacare. Even my last fight, me versus Zak Cummings. I made more than every single UFC athlete, to include Glover, who just fought for the title against Jon Jones, cumulatively. If that doesn't blow your mind and say what is wrong with this sport..."

Don't expect Executive Vice President of Business Development Chuck Liddell to be shedding any tears.

The soon-to-be 36-year-old U.S. armed forces veteran was last seen on the receiving end of Yoel Romero's strikes at UFC 178 back in Sept. of 2014, the birth of "stool gate." And while he hasn't permanently called it quits, fighting is not in his immediate future.

I wonder if the sanitation department is hiring?

He did, however, say he would "get off the couch" for a Texas-sized showdown against former middleweight champion Anderson Silva at the upcoming Dallas Cowboy Stadium pay-per-view (PPV) event on Dec. 5, 2015, even if it means donating blood.

"Well, there is a big fight card in Dallas. Anderson Silva? No. 2 middleweight versus Tim Kennedy the No. 7 middleweight? He can have my blood. He can inject himself with my blood from this day forward and he'll be good and we will fight in Dallas. That will be perfect. Tim will get off the couch for Anderson Silva in Dallas."

Then again, he may opt to stay on the couch, depending on how this shakes out.

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