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Invicta 13 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates for 'Cyborg vs Van Duin' online

Invicta FC 13: "Cyborg vs. Van Duin" takes place TONIGHT (Thurs., July 9, 2015) from "The Chelsea" inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring a much anticipated Featherweight showdown between women's division champion Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino and challenger Faith Van Duin.

With only three fights streaming online via UFC Fight Pass, it's an all title match affair for the all-female mixed martial arts (MMA) league. Bantamweights Tonya Evinger and Irene Aldana will battle for the vacant belt in their weight class, while Atomweight Herica Tiburcio will put her newly won title on the line against Ayaka Hamasaki.

Invicta FC 13 will start tonight on UFC Fight Pass at 11 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the broadcast fights.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 13) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (UFC Fight Pass):

Cristiane Justino (c) vs. Faith Van Duin -- Cyborg via TKO at 0:45 of R1.
Tonya Evinger vs. Irene Aldana -- Evinger via TKO at 4:38 of R4.
Herica Tiburcio (c) vs. Ayaka Hamasaki -- 47-48, 48-47, 49-46 SD for Hamasaki.

Under Card (UFC Fight Pass):

135 lbs.: Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Pannie Kianzad -- Kianzad via UD, 30-27 X3.
115 lbs.: Amber Brown vs. Catherine Costigan -- Brown via sub (RNC) 3:34 of R1.
125 lbs.: Amy Montenegro vs. Jamie Moyle -- Moyle by SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
145 lbs.: Amber Leibrock vs. Marina Shafir -- Leibrock by TKO, 0:37 R1.


Cristiane Justino vs. Faith Van Duin

Full body suit for Van Duin - mostly black with red stripes and accents. Cyborg Justino has a black top and white trunks. They take a moment to tape shut a pocket on her trunks before she steps in the cage. Justino is 13-1-1 and Van Duin is 5-1. Our referee is Steve Mazzagatti. Van Duin hails from Papamoa, New Zealand. Cyborg from Curitiba, Brazil. Violence begins NOW.

Round 1: Cyborg throws a couple of hard shots and they clinch up. Cyborg with a jaw jacking right hook on the break. They trade kicks and then Cyborg hammers away against the fence at 40 seconds. A hard knee body shot takes the life out of Van Duin as she falls to the ground, Cyborg drops a couple of bombs, it's over seconds later.

Final result: Cyborg Justino retains the featherweight title at 45 seconds of the first round.


Tonya Evinger vs. Irene Aldana

Aldana is in black trunks and top. Evinger has pink trunks and a black top. Aldana is 5-1 and hails from Guadalajara, Mexico. Evinger is 15-5 and fights out of Houston, Texas.This is for the vacant Invicta bantamweight title. Our referee in charge is Mark Smith.

Round 1: They tap gloves and we're off and running. Evinger either drops Aldana or she slips, but Evinger dives in wither way. Crazy scramble on the ground as Evinger fishes for a submission. Really nasty reverse elbows by Evinger. Evinger rolls on top in full guard with Aldana's head stuck in the fence. Smith warns Aldana to get her toes out of the cage. Smith warns Evinger about knees to the head of a grounded foe. Full mount by Evinger at 2:10. Aldana pushes off the fence with her feet and improves the mount for Evinger, who unloads with hammers. Aldana bucks to no effect. Evinger has two minutes left in R1 and may not need them all as she goes for the armbar and Aldana refuses to tap. I wouldn't be surprised if she's got something torn in there. Another big elbow to the head by Evinger. Evinger gets another armbar and can't get it. Evinger tries to hammer it out with 20 seconds left and goes for the armbar the third time. Aldana survives but just barely. 10-9 almost 10-8 for Evinger.

Round 2: They tap gloves and R2 is underway with Aldana still tring to get the feeling back in her arm - she keeps shaking it out. Evinger is giving chase. Evinger uncorks a hard right hand and drops levels. She gets her takedown at 1:05. More elbows to the face and left hands. Aldana gets her back to full guard but is still being mauled against the fence as Evinger stacks her up. Aldana keeps trying to get knees up but Evinger stays straight down the middle firing away. Evinger passes to half and throws rights to the body. She nearly gets the full mount with 30 seconds left. Another totally dominant round for Evinger.

Round 3: Aldana's face is a mess. Evinger's overhand right is blocked. Aldana tries a spinning backfist that doesn't come close. Evinger is walking and stalking. Evinger takes her down at 1:39. Aldana gets up seven seconds later. They roll around on the ground and Evinger nearly gets a guillotine when they stand. Evinger backs off and resets at 2:20. Aldana defends a takedown attempt with the whizzer but Evinger keeps attacking. Evinger gets another takedown at 3:37 and works to the full mount at the 4 minute mark. Right hands to the body by Evinger. Aldana is being warned to fight back by Smith. Aldana exends her legs to the fence but can't shake Evinger. It's another 10-9.

Round 4: Evinger lands a hard right as Aldana tries to dance. Evinger continues the zombie walk straight toward Aldana, not bouncing or moving her head, just walking and stalking. Aldana lands a couple of kicks. Evinger throws a hard kick to the lead leg of Aldana. Evinger gets a takedown and takes Aldana's back. Two minutes gone. Aldana tries to turn out and Evinger gets full mount instead. Evinger could go for an arm in choke. No - she just wants to pound away. Smith gives a warning to Aldana to fight back at 3:15. Another warning at 3:44. Smith is looking for a reason to stop it. He finally does with under 25 seconds left.

Final result: Mark Smith stops the fight at 4:38 of the fourth round for the new champ by TKO - Tonya Evinger.


Herica Tiburcio vs. Ayaka Hamasaki

Black trunks and black top with red trim for Hamasaki. Blue top and trunks for the champ Tiburcio. Tiburcio is 9-2 out of Sao Paulo, Brazil and Hamasaki is 11-1 out of Tokyo, Japan. Our referee is Kim Winslow.

Round 1: Hamasaki lands the first hard strike - a nice right hand. Tiburcio responds in kind and adds a leg kick. Hamasaki charges across the cage with a flurry at 0:56 but Tiburcio blocks and avoids. She doesn't avoid the hard left to the face after they square up again. Hamasaki is landing a lot of clean power shots. Tiburcio keeps trying to slow her down with leg kicks and press Hamasaki toward the fence. Hamasaki circles to the left to avoid a flurry of hard strikes from Tiburcio. Hamasaki is hurt by a kick to the body and Tiburcio jumps on for a guillotine. She may not get it but she has a full mount. She lets go at 3:55. Hamasaki pushes her to half guard. Winslow warns Tiburcio to keep shots to the head clean. 10-9 round for the champ based on cage control and the near finish.

Round 2: Hamasaki gets a takedown 20 seconds into R2. Hamasaki pummels the left side with body shots. Tiburcio keeps wiggling around trying to escape. Hamasaki keeps grinding away and throwing rights to the face. Tiburcio pushes her back to full guard at the halfway point. Winslow stands them up at 2:55. Tiburcio goes for a takedown but Hamasaki reverses and winds up on top. Winslow stands them up at 4:43 and the announcers take exception. Tiburcio goes for a guillotine late and Winslow has to pull them apart. 10-9 Hamasaki.

Round 3: Hamasaki opens R3 swinging away then puts Tiburcio against the fence. She gets a trip takedown at 0:51. Tiburcio is trying to throw her legs up for a triangle or an armbar. Hamasaki slams her. Tiburcio continues to fish for an arm. Hamasaki stands up out of it at 2:38. Hamasaki with another takedown at 3:02 but Tiburcio turns it into a back take with both hooks in. Hamasaki flails away with a hand trying to shake Tiburcio off, nearly poking her in the eye. Tiburcio nearly has a choke with 20 seconds left but Hamasaki escapes. This round could go either way.

Round 4: Anybody got some Five Hour Energy? I envy the Las Vegas crowd - it's only ten o'clock there. Hamasaki gets another takedown 30 seconds into the round. Hamasaki is throwing elbows to the body and the thigh. Tiburcio throws a leg up around Hamasaki's head when she tries to pass but can't keep it in place. Hamasaki traps the left arm and lands some elbows to the head. Tiburcio is trying to trap a foot with her legs. Hamasaki just moves back to the full guard. Winslow stands them up at 3:05 and Jules K complains some more. Hamasaki immediately takes her down again. Tiburcio tries and fails to get an armbar or triangle. I give at least two of four rounds to Hamasaki. Maybe three.

Round 5: Hamasaki with a takedown 10 seconds into R5. Tiburcio tries and fails to sweep and gives Hamasaki her back to throw rights at her head. Hammerfists by Hamasaki. Tiburcio gets up at 2:34. Hamasaki lands a big right hand. Hamasaki with another takedown at 3:49. That's a wrap. I smell title change.

Final result: The judges score it 47-48, 48-47, 49-46 for Hamasaki by split decision.


Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Pannie Kianzad

If you remember anything about Clark it will be that she has rainbow hair and hails from Brisbane, Australia - she looks like the new Bec Rawlings. Kianzad has on a black top with yellow trim and black trunks - she hails from Iran but fights out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Kianzad is 7-0 and Clark is 5-1. Our referee in charge is Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: Clark pushes Kianzad into the fence at 25 seconds looking for a single leg takedown. Kianzad is defending well but being taller is actually a disadvantage right now. Mazzagatti gets tired of the inaction and resets them at 1:06. Clark lands an uppercut but Kianzad responds with a flurry and they wind up on the fence again. Kianzad takes Clark's back. Clark spins out while Kianzad was looking for a suplex. The crowd is being very patient and respectful after 3:30 of fence grappling and little action. Mazzagatti resets them again at 3:39. Kianzad gets a leg trip takedown with short time and probably ekes out a boring 10-9.

Round 2: Clark gets countered and Kianzad gets a takedown 55 seconds into R2. She spins to side control and could be going for an armbar. Clark briefly gives up her back just to regain half guard. Clark is taking elbows to the body and face. Kianzad gets the mounted crucifix but Clark gets the arm free. Kianzad almost has an inverted triangle. Clark pops out but gets taken right back down. 90 seconds remain. Clark goes for an armbar off her back. Kianzad pulls herself free and hits reverse hammerfists. She takes the back with short time and Clark throws a hard reverse elbow. 10-9 Kianzad.

Round 3: Kianzad lands a hard right hand to open the third. Kianzad with a body shot and a left twice in a row. Clark is trying to back Kianzad off with leg kicks. Kianzad seems to have no fear of Clark's strikes. When Clark does land she walks through it. Really good overhand right at 2:30 for Kianzad. Kianzad is just chewing Clark up standing. If this were a light heavyweight fight Clark would be knocked out by now. Kianzad doesn't seem to have lost a step - in fact she's still bouncing on her feet as she throws jabs and hooks. Kianzad should get an easy unanimous decision.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 all for Kianzad.


Amber Brown vs. Catherine Costigan

They call Costigan "The Female Conor McGregor." She's in blue trunks and a white top. Amber Brown promised in the pre-fight video package "to leave her bloody." She has on black trunks and a green top and is known as "The Bully." She trains with Ray Borg and Tim Means. Costigan is 5-0, Brown is 4-1. Costigan hails from Limerick, Ireland. Brown hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our referee is Mark Smith.

Round 1: The two clinch up right at the jump. Brown gets double underhooks and takes Costigan down straight to full mount. She's staying tight and not posturing up for the full mount, but she's cranking on the jaw and keeping Costigan from breathing properly. 90 seconds in she finally sits up and drops some elbows. Costigan tries and fails to escape. If she's the female Conor McGregor this is good news for Chad Mendes. Brown is landing solid left hands to the body and going for an arm triangle choke. Costigan is trying to defend with wrist control. This is all one way traffic. Costigan is being warned to fight back. Mark Smith keeps taking a close look. Costigan gives up her back and keeps getting pounded, and Brown finally taps her out with a choke with under 90 seconds left in R1.

Final result: Amber Brown via rear naked choke at 3:34 of the first round.

Amy Montenegro vs. Jamie Moyle

Montenegro is 6-1 in the red, and Moyle is 2-0 in the black. Moyle hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and Montenegro hails from Seattle, Washington. Our referee in charge is Kim Winslow.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Montenegro starts throwing heavy blows. Moyle tries to tie her up in a clinch and work on the fence. They trade knees to the body as they turn back and forth. They finally break at 1:08. Moyle is trying to come forward with right hands. They tie up again. Montenegro with knees and foot stomps. Moyle responds by throwing her to the ground, getting both hooks in and going for the rear naked choke. Moyle goes for an armbar and lets Montenegro on top. She goes for a heel hook and Montenegro moves into full guard. Moyle goes for another submission and Montenegro powerbombs her way out of it and tries to hammer a finish with elbows. Instead Moyle trips the leg and sweeps to the top in half guard. She stands up to posture for some hard right hands. Montenegro gets up just before the horn. 10-9 Moyle.

Round 2: Moyle is landing nice rights to open the round. Some of them are incredibly loud when they connect. You can't say Montenegro doesn't have a chin. Moyle goes for a head kick. Stinging left by Moyle. Moyle uses combos - every strike followed with another. Montenegro needs to keep her hands up, but is getting a right hand down the pipe here and there. Moyle with a hard right to the jaw and a kick to the body. Three minutes gone. Moyle with a stiff body kick that makes Montenegro want to clinch up. Moyle responds with a leg trip takedown with 30 seconds to go. Montenegro gets back up but it's another 10-9 for Moyle.

Round 3: Moyle is mixing in body and leg kicks as we open the third round and has Montenegro backing up until she clinches and ties up Moyle against the fence. Julie Kedzie says that a lot of cage fighting is head position and we see that until Winslow resets them at 2:03. She also compares Moyle to a bulldog. Montenegro is trying hard to push Moyle against the fence and not let her go. They finally break at 3:55 after Montenegro got off a nice elbow. The fans boo when Montenegro puts Moyle on the fence again. Winslow resets them with 30 seconds remaining. It's up to the judges to settle this one.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Moyle, 29-28 Montenegro, and 29-28 for Moyle.


Amber Leibrock vs. Marina Shafir

If you know the name Shafir, you probably recognize her as one of Ronda Rousey's infamous Four Horsewomen stable. Leibrock is making her professional debut in the black trunks, fighting out of Hayward, CA. Shafir is 1-1 and fights out of Los Angeles, CA. Our referee is Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: Leibrock is in all black, Shafir is in the green trunks. Shafir is stinging with strikers early but she gets blown up by an overhand right and is flat on her back. Leibrock pounded it out on the ground while Shafir was trying to go for a leg lock - it's a very quick but totally justified stoppage!

Final result: Amber Leibrock gets the TKO victory at 0:37 of the first round.


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