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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley tells Chael Sonnen that 'no one will out-work or out-train' CM Punk in UFC

The legendary WWE wrestler was a guest on Chael Sonnen's "You're Welcome" podcast this week and gave some thoughts on CM Punk's transition from WWE to UFC.

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CM Punk has yet to make his UFC debut since signing with the promotion at the tail end of last year. But his name will continue to pop up in conversation due to the fact that his first fight will easily be one of the more highly-anticipated Octagon debuts in UFC history.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was a recent guest on Chael Sonnen's "You're Welcome" podcast. Foley is perhaps best known from his indelible match against the Undertaker at "Hell in a Cell" back in 1998. That's where he fell off the top of the 16-foot cage, evoking the famous line from Jim Ross, "as God as my witness, he's broken in half!"

Aside from risking his health and well being for the roar of the crowd, as a long-time veteran, Foley -- like most professional wrestlers -- knows a thing or two about promotion, as does Punk. However, since signing on with UFC, Punk has been relatively quiet outside of his first media push and has been nothing but humble and respectful (aside from this), even when faced with negativity and criticism from other fighters.

Foley was asked if he was surprised Punk hasn't resorted to any of his antics from his successful WWE career and said that could change once he has an official opponent.

"I think when the time and the place is right for him and there is a fight on the books and it's time to promote it, I think he'll do his best to make it must-see TV," said Foley, who also mentioned he's working on a new show for the WWE network.

Roufusport head coach, Duke Roufus, said Punk "could surprise some people," and he, along with former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, have been highly complimentary of the former WWE champion's work ethic. Some of that training was on display in a recent episode of The Ultimate Insider, where Punk joined Rashad Evans, Luke Rockhold and Forrest Griffin at the Exos training facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.

Foley, like most Punk fans and admirers, isn't sure what to expect when Punk finally steps into the Octagon, but he is confident that his former contemporary will use all of the attributes that got him to the peak of his success in WWE when the ball starts rolling in his fight career.

"When I've been asked about it -- and I don't get asked much -- I just say 'look, I don't know how he's going to do. Honestly, I don't know,'" Foley said. "But I know that no one will outwork him. No one will out train him and he will leave it all out there in the Octagon. I know he is taking it very seriously and we will all find out. Like I said, if he's not successful, it won't be for lack of trying."

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