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TUF 21 results, recap (Ep. 12) for 'ATT vs. Blackzilians'

This is the end ... beautiful friend.

FOX Sports

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 21 returned to FOX Sports 1 last night (Weds., July 8, 2015) -- for the final time this season -- featuring episode 12 of the combat sports reality show, pitting American Top Team (ATT) against the neighboring (and despised) Blackzilians squad.

UFC President Dana White gets back in front of the camera to tell us its ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING SEASONS EVER! Because somehow, someway, this season is all tied up heading into the final episode. Can't imagine how that happened, strictly by chance, on a televised reality show.


Anyway, Vincente Luque -- who upset Nathan Coy in episode seven -- is asked to represent the Blackzilians squad and as expected, ATT counters with its workhorse, Hayder Hassan, who already won two fights to keep his team in the running.

Time for the weigh ins and both fighters make weight without incident.

Luque hits the gym for some training and expects to outperform Hassan, claiming "Hulk" is nothing more than an aggressive power puncher. On the other side of town, Hassan hits the mitts and promises to expose the holes in his opponent's game.

So basically we get the standard pre-fight chatter.

10:15 and already time to fight? No complaints here! Let's get to it.

170 lbs.: Vincente Luque (Blackzilians) vs. Hayder Hassan (ATT)

Round 1: Both fighters come out swinging heavy leather right out of the gate, punches in bunches, and since I can't type without looking at the keyboard -- yes, after eight years and 17,659 posts on Mania -- this will be a hot mess of a play-by-play. Luque appears to be getting the better of Hassan on the feet and even rocks him a couple of times but "Hulk" is tough and won't go down. Pace slows a bit halfway through the round but still a ton of punches being thrown. Luque shoots from nowhere and scores big on a double but Hassan pops right back up to his feet and they work against the cage. That could be big points for scoring this round. One minute left and Hassan punches his way out of the clinch. Final 30 seconds play out on the feet and after a competitive round, Luque appears to have it 10-9

Round 2: Tyrone slaps the shit out of Luque on the stool and yells at him: FIVE MINUTES! Back to the action and the fists are flying. Hassan looks tired and has resorted to swinging for the fences. Not much technical in his attack whereas Luque appears to be working angles. Flying knee lands for Luque but Hassan eats it like a boss. Luque starts to slow down himself and what started as a welterweight bangfest is now a sparring session. Lots of sticking and moving but Luque looks to have better control of the Octagon. Both Hassan and Luque mixing things up with leg kicks but not much damage being done. 10 seconds left and Luque shoots for a takedown but Hassan uses the fence to remain upright. Closer round, but I give it to Luque 10-9. Judges disagree and we go to a third round.

Round 3: Hassan looks completely reinvigorated and comes out as the aggressor. Luque recognizes this and shoots for a takedown. Hassan tumbles backwards but gets up and they clinch against the cage. Hassan breaks free. Back to the center of the cage and Hassan pressing forward. Luque meets him halfway and the gas tanks start to empty. Blackzilians corner screaming at Luque for pressure. At this pace the fight can go to whoever looks busier, as neither fighter is doing a ton of work. Luque makes a last-ditch takedown attempt and it scores, but Hassan wiggles his way back up. Could be big on the scorecards and Hassan knows it, walking Luque down and looking for the big shot. Luque won't back down and answers with a crisp 1-2. Hassan drops a few more bombs and Luque responds with a late takedown attempt, but can't get it done. Once again, I have it 10-9 Luque.

Final result: Hassan def. Luque via split decision

After the fight, ATT donates the $200k prize to the Wounded Warriors charity. Dana White marches in -- via satellite -- to ask the gym owners who they will send to the live finale on Sunday night (July 12, 2015) at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada (full fight card here).

After a quick deliberation, it will be Hayder Hassan vs. Kamaru Usman.

See you this weekend!

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