Predictions, from the bold and the restless

Keith Hackney here, I'm pretty excited for this weekend, so excited I felt the need to write some shit into cyber space about a bunch a dudes who are gunna physically hurt each other for sport, pride, money, fame, blah fuckin whatever and most importantly my entertainment. Even with scarface smoked ribbies It's a great card still, and that is why I'm gunna tell you mutherfuckers who I think will win and why.

Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes

Ok so here's the rhetoric, Money Mendes is/maybe the tougher match up for Mc, given that he's a NCAA stud wrestler and Irish hasnt fought any top levels wrestlers yet, even leaving many to believe he's been handpicked stand up scrubs to get him to a title with a stand-up champion. Hhmmm, so can Mendes wrestle Mc around? Well that's what Chad's been telling everybody, even saying the ol cliche he's irish, i'll show him what american wrestling is all about or some shit he said on one of those embedded vids. So can he use his wrstling to beat Mc? Yes he absolutely can, but will he on July 11th, fuck no. Mc will see that wrestling coming from a mile away, just like Aldo/Mendes 1, thats why Aldo/Mendes 2 was so much more competitive, Mendes used his hands much more, I don't foresee Mendes using his hands properly to set up his shots, if he does and keeps irish guessing, he has it, But I see Mc keeping him at bay, landing some hard shots, scrambling out of some precarious situations to get the UD, that or a flash KO, where we hear all about how mendes "got caught" maybe even borderline illegal shit.

Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald

So what have we seen from each of these warriors since their last meeting? Rory bested Maia, Woodley and Tarec while Ruthless split a pair with Hendricks and beat up Brown and Ellenburger the latter of whom he smashed. Rory indeed looked better in each fight since his last time out with Robbie and he is the heir to the throne in this game of UFC. If he fights a perfect fight which he is capable of doing, he'll win. He's a better technical boxer than robbie, better kickboxer, better wrestler, better jitz and trains with the greatest WW ever, ever. But for all his greatness it simply comes down to if he can take Robbie to the mat, because there are 2 main things Robbie brings to the table to nullify all attacks. The 1st one is Robbie has a granite chin and he knows it, which is why he realized he can walk through Johnny's punches in the 2nd fight and Brown's elbows, scary weapon to have. The 2nd is that he also knows he can hit really fucking hard, and with his beautifully rhythm-ed pace and new kicking arsenal, I think he walks down Weirdo all night and takes punches to give punches until Rory's shooting from Mars. Robbie TKO 4

Stephens vs. Bermudez

This is a sick fight on paper and I hope it lives up to that hype, I truly do, I'm a fan of both guys. However even guys who can and do put on great shows have duds once in a while, and I think this might be one of them. Stephens carries bricks to office daily but Bermudez has that scary jawline and kinda head I mentioned above that can alter a fight in a wacky way. I think Stephens cracks him a bunch and even drops him a few times, but eventually the Menace will start finding a rhythm with his wrestling, he has a nasty snatch single with a relentless gas tank. I think he chains enough takedowns in rounds dos and tres to take home the UD.

Ruckus vs. Gunni

I don't know about you fools, but I'm way more excited for this match-up than watching Hathaway and Howard get mauled. Of course the only thing that sucks is one of these exciting up and comers will have two straight losses after the affair, but I think either one can bounce back and still be a possible contender. Who takes it? The real question would be, did Brandon Thatch get exposed by Bendo? Yeah kinda, but I think Bendo would beat Gunni by SD, so that's a wash. Thatch is a beast, everyone knows that, he seemed to have the jitters against Bendo, and my old friend Unambig (when he use to really tell it like it is) went so far as to say Thatch threw the fight. Can he smash Gunni, yes definitely, but I think he's still growing as a martial artist and after busting Gunni up in the first two rounds, it pains me to say I believe he gets caught in a scramble and taps out, probably a guillotine.

Brad Pickett vs. Thomas Almeida

So this dude Almeida is a bad mutherfucker, I don't know if I'm convinced, he beat a bunch of scrubs on the brazilian circuit and KO'ing Yves Jabouin is nothing special, I thought Jabouin lost to Dustin fucking Pague. Almeida swings wildly, can take a decent punch but get's taken down by the better fighter fighters he's faced (Jabouin and Gorman) Is Brad Pickett shot though? His style has never changed, rush in with a high guard, swing technical punches and if that doesn't work, pursue the TD and work your underrated ground game, but he gets beat by footwork or better wrestlers. Almeida doesn't quite have the footwork Wineland or Camus had nor do I think he can KO pickett, but dammit Pickett might be too slow and predictable with his approach and get tagged one too many times, while failing on too many TD's. Almeida SD

Brown vs. Means

These guys have super similar styles,and I like many predict this is fight of the night. They both like to walk down their opponents at a measured pace, using long punches, sneaky elbows and nasty clinch games. However the biggest difference is that everything Tim Means does, Brown does better, I think Means was on his way to a nice win streak if he hadn't signed to fight Brown. Means will crack Brown and put him in some shitty situations, but Brown has the better chin, better wrestling if he needs it and is the overall stronger human. He will eat Means fists and wear his ass out by the third, resulting in a brutal TKO, Means bleeding all over the canvas.

Cathal Pendred vs. John Howard

Ugh, I can't believe Howard is still in the UFC, oh yeah, I forgot, he was supposed to get the fuck beat out of him by Thatch in his redeemer. And fucking Pendred, he's garbage, he will literally hold John against the fence all fucking night, Howard could clip him, but he's way too slow these days and doesn't throw any caution to the wind. Pendred in a dreadful UD

Alex Garcia vs Mike Swick

Holy Shit, Mike Swick is still around, he must need the money, dude is shot and hasn't fought in a long fucking time, in fact last time I saw him fight, I was disturbed by the oversized knee braces/pads he was wearing. Garcia is gunna wear him out on the fence and land the harder punches for the UD.

Cody Garbrandt vs. Enrique Briones

Don't know much about Briones, never saw TUF Latin, but I heard he's tough. The problem is he's fighting a legit prospect out of a top rated camp, and the fact Cody was a striker first and now wrestles with the best midgets on the planet is even worse news for Briones. As ol Butt Pirate would say "this kid is nasty." Garbrandt TKO 2nd

Cody Pfister vs. Yosdenis Cedeno

Both these fools shouldn't even be in the UFC, I saw the "pfist" get beat by Moontasri who I don't even think is all that good and Cedeno get beat by Ernest scrub man Chavez, who's already been bounced from the promotion. I guess I'll take the stupid ass pfist by wall grindage. UD

Louis Smolka vs. Neil Seery

This is actually a very underrated fight, both guys are fun too watch and can seriously bang bro. I like Seery a lot, I thought he beat Pickett, he certainly outboxed him big time and has improved his TD defense in each subsequent bout. Smolka has also improved each time out, he looked lost against Cariaso at times which troubles me, but he does have reach, youth and athleticism on his side. This will be close, but I think Seery takes a UD will his crisp boxing and pressure.

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