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Muay Thai champion Valdet Gashi dies while fighting for ISIS in Syria


Last month, former two-time Muay Thai world champion Valdet Gashi -- originally from Albania -- left behind his home in Germany along with his wife and two kids (one recently born) to join ISIS in the groups fight in Syria.

Now, the skilled hand-to-hand combatant is dead, as Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (via Bloody Elbow) reveals that he died over a week ago fighting for the extremist group.

According to a previous interview, Gashi says his decision to leave everything behind and join the group was based on the fact that he was trying to help them "find answers."

"I want to do something good and to die while doing it. That is what would make me happy."

Mission accomplished.

He later revealed he was has employed to patrol an area near the Turkish border looking for smugglers. Smugglers that were looking to bring in illegal contraband such as drugs cigarettes and alcohol into the country.

And though he says he hadn't used his gun up to that point, he did witness firsthand the brutal executions ISIS is known for.

No word yet on exactly how Gashi lost his life, but apparently he died doing something he cared about, which has obviously drawn the ire of his family friends and former coaches. One former coach was quoted as saying, "As a champion boxer he was a model for children. But what he is doing now is no example to set."

A sentiment many would agree with.

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