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UFC 189 live stream results: 'Mendes vs McGregor' play-by-play updates

To watch Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes full fight video highlights from last night click here.

Fourth of July may be over, but the real fireworks have yet to come ...

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will cap off International Fight Week in style, with a stacked UFC 189: "Mendes vs. McGregor" pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza, featuring a championship doubleheader in the main and co-main events, locked and loaded for Sat. night (July 11, 2015) inside MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Headlining the UFC 189 fight card will be top featherweight contenders Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor, who battle for the interim 145-pound strap while Jose Aldo recovers from injury. Prior to their championship showdown, Robbie Lawler puts his gold up for grabs opposite Canadian nemesis Rory MacDonald.

All that and so much more. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 189 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET, and then the remaining under card balance on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET before the PPV main card start time at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 189) before you split and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Mendes vs. McGregor."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 189 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


145 lbs.: Conor McGregor def. Chad Mendes via TKO (punches) at 4:57 of Round 2
170 lbs.: Robbie Lawler def. Rory MacDonald via TKO (punches) at 1:00 of Round 5
145 lbs.: Jeremy Stephens def. Deenis Bermudez via TKO (jumping knee and punches) at 0:32 of Round 3
170 lbs.: Gunnar Nelson def. Brandon Thatch via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:54 of Round 1
135 lbs.: Thomas Almeida def. Brad Pickett via KO (flying knee) at 0:29 of Round 2
170 lbs.: Matt Brown def. Tim Means via submission (guillotine) at 4:44 of Round 1
170 lbs.: John Howard def. Cathal Pendred via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)
170 lbs.: Alex Garcia def. Mike Swick via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
135 lbs.: Cody Garbrandt def. Henry Briones via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
125 lbs.: Louis Smolka def. Neil Seery via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
155 lbs.: Cody Pfister def. Yosdenis Cedeno via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


145 lbs.: Chad Mendes vs. Conor McGregor for interim featherweight championship

Round 1: I never thought, in a million years, Sinead O'Connor would be performing an intro live for the UFC. Of all the artists... wow. HOLY WHAT AARON LEWIS FROM STAIND IS SINGING FOR MENDES?! Jeez, I thought O'Connor was the most washed up singer they could find. Lewis doing some country song is probably worse. McGregor in white, Mendes in black. McGregor immediately with a spinning back kick that doesn't land. Jump knee that misses and Mendes takes him down. Punch from Mendes, but McGregor is back up. Mendes with a takedown attempt, stuffed. Mendes with a left. Spinning back kick from McGregor. Nice left from the Irishman. Mendes blocks a headkick. Mendes punches his way out from the links. Mendes with a left. Big power double from Mendes and he lands it. McGregor slaps the head. Mendes with an elbow, gets kicked off, punches McGregor hard on the way off. Mendes with two rights and McGregor is bleeding, probably from that elbow. Liver punch from McGregor. Nice right hand from Conor. Body shot from Mendes. Takedown from Mendes who passes to half immediately. Now into side control. McGregor regains half. Left from Chad. Mendes looking for a topside guillotine, can't get it, gets warned from Herb Dean for having open fingers near the eyes.

10-9 Mendes.

Round 2: Mendes opens up with a leg kick. Conor with one to the body. Mendes with a takedown attempt, can't get it. Right from Mendes, Left from McGregor. Mendes ducks under, nails the takedown into full guard. "Money" looks to be taking a blow, composes himself, elbows that same spot that cut McGregor in the first round. Right elbow this time. McGregor trying to push off the American. Each man with elbows. Mendes isn't doing a heck of a lot, but when he can get room, he lands thumping elbows one by one. Conor with elbows from the bottom, that Mendes thinks are illegal, but Herb Dean is right there and he states those are fine and to fight. Right hand from Mendes. Plenty of elbows, too. Dean is letting this go here. Conor wants a standup, but Mendes is powering down heavy elbows in between bouts of catching his breath. Mendes steps over with about 50 seconds to go. He goes for a guillotine, can't get it and Conor is up standing. Mendes looks worn out and Conor is hitting him. Uppercut. Liver kick. BIG left hand and Mendes goes down. Dean might stop this, and he does! Hell of a comeback from a man who was losing both rounds of this fight. Mendes' gas tank was just not there as it usually is.

Final result: McGregor wins via TKO (punches). Round 2 - 4:57


170 lbs.: UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald

Round 1: MacDonald in white, Lawler in black.Lawler looking to palm the stiff jab of Rory. MacDonald with a nice straight right. Left from Rob. Gut kick from "Waterboy/Ares/Red King". Both men with leg kicks. Rory kicks the junk, but Robby waives away Big John McCarthy. 1-2 from MacDonald, not perfect, though. Both men circling, looking for the proper angle. Uppercut from Rory. Crowd doesn't like it, but neither man are willing to open up so far. MacDonald shoots, Lawler stuffs it and knees Rory in the head on the way up. Uppercut from Bob. Nice right hook as well.

10-10 round

Round 2: Body kick from the Canadian. Nice lead right from Lawler. Rory gets in a stiff jab. Straight rear hands from both men connect. Jab from Robert. Nice left, too. Both men with right hands. Sweet 1-2 from the champ. 2-1 from Rory. MacDonald is bleeding and Lawler looks a bit more aggressive. Both men are punching and landing here. Lefts from both men. Lawler's left is scoring with alarming frequency. MacDonald isn't going anywhere, and he lands a right hand, followed by an elbow.

10-9 Lawler

Round 3: Rory opens up with a pair of straight rights. Lightning jab from Lawler. Both men standing and wanging. They each land. Both men have their jabs on point, and Rob's is looking great. Rory with a nice level change on a single, but Lawler shows off some incredible balance, stuffs it and pounds on Rory for a bit before the Canuck can stand. Rory's looking like he ate some of Brock's strawberries. Solid 5 on the Muta scale. The pace slows for a minute. Rory gets in a nice headkick. Rory jabs to the body, but eats Lawler's counter right. Nice slip from MacDonald to avoid the jab, but does nothing with it. Rory goes for a headkick, partially blocked, but the end wraps around to the back of the head and Lawler's wobbled badly. Rory surges forward and starts throwing the kitchen sink at the champ. Jump knee. Elbow. Robbie's surviving until the round ends and he does it.

10-9 MacDonald, might be 10-10 because of Rob's early round work

Round 4: Coming out again. Same headkick wraps around the block and wobble Lawler. He's hurt again and Rory is pouring it on. 4-piece combo. Knee. Elbows. Lawler is tough as nails and is firing back when he can. Elbows. Headkick again. Rory stops and the pace slows down. Jab into headkick from the challenger. Right hook from Lawler, who's also bleeding. 2-3 from Lawler. Clinch and Rory gets in an uppercut. Elbow from "Ruthless". Lawler looks to be slowing down. MacDonald tosses up a lazier headkick than the ones we saw earlier. MacDonald shoots, Lawler stuffs it and gets in a couple of free shots on MacDonald. Another front kick to the body of Lawler. Right hand from Rory. Lawler stuffs a step-in elbow. Nice left hand from the American.

10-9 MacDonald

Round 5: Superman punch from MacDonald and a right from Lawler. Both men with solid lefts. Lawler coming out stronger here. Elbow from Rory. HOLY SMOKES! LEFT HAND BREAKS RORY'S NOSE AGAIN! MACDONALD CRUMPLES IN PAIN AND LAWLER POUNDS HIM OUT!

Final result: Lawler wins via TKO (punches). Round 5 - 1:00


145 lbs.: Dennis Bermudez vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1: Bermudez in black, Stephens in white. They trade jabs and Bermudez shoots five seconds into the match. Stephens lands a heavy right that stumbles Bermudez. Stephens is cut, not sure how. Maybe a clash of heads? There's a right from Bermudez that lands flush. They clinch with Stephens backed up to the chain. Bermudez drags down "Lil Heathen". Half mount for Bermudez. He's punching Stephens with repeated lefts. Two minutes to go and yup, the replay folks tell Rogan that it was a headbutt that opened Jeremy. Stephens goes face down to try and escape. Bermudez tries for the RNC, but is too high and Stephens gets out the backdoor. We're back up standing. Both men stand and bang for a bit before Bermudez shoots a power double. Stephens prevents the takedown, but is backed into the fence-post. Stephens manages to stay upright through the round.

10-9 Bermudez

Round 2: Nice leg kick from Jeremy. Nice right hand from Bermudez. Stephens times a sweet uppercut that smurfs Bermudez into an ankle-grabbing lump. Bermudez manages to get a clinch and regain his faculties. Bermudez's leg looks hurt as he's bouncing around awkwardly. Right hand from a game "Menace". There's a nice uppercut and a left that drops Bermudez. Nice teep from Dennis plants Stephens. Stephens breaks out of the clinch and gets in a knee before getting free. Superman punch from Bermudez floors Stephens! Bermudez is losing this round, and he's dropped Stephens twice in this frame!. Liver kick from "Heathen". Bermudez tries a single, settles for some wall 'n' stall. Right hand from Stephens pummels Bermudez.

10-9 Stephens

Round 3: Well, my internet hiccupped, and I came back directly as Stephens turns into Sagat from Street Fighter 2 and tiger knees the living beejeezus out of Bermudez. Dennis looked like he got hit by a truck

Final result: Stephens win via technical knockout (jump knee and punches). Round 3 - 0:32


170 lbs.: Gunnar Nelson vs. Brandon Thatch

Round 1: Nelson in black, the towering Thatch in white. Inside leg kick to punch to outside low kick for Thatch. They both exchange in flurries. Knees from both men in the clinch. Ankle kick from Thatch. Thatch fends off a takedown. HUGE 1-2 from Nelson and he's on top of the fallen Thatch. He's in mount. Thatch regains some form and pushes Nelson down low, making Gunnar switch to side control. Punches and elbows from the Icelander. Floats over to mount. Gets the body triangle, starts punching the side of Thatch's head and locks in the rear naked. Thatch is trying, but he can't keep the anaconda from squeezing him to death and he taps.

Final result: Nelson wins via submission (rear naked choke). Round 1 - 2:54


135 lbs.: Thomas Almeida vs. Brad Pickett

Round 1: Almeida in white, Pickett in black. Pickett misses with a low kick. Left lands for Almeida. As does an inside low kick. Lefts from both men. Body head from "One Punch". Pickett with a nice left. Bigger one puts Almeida on his butt. He scrambles back as Brad rushes forward. Pickett is swinging and plants Thomas again, this time with a knee. Pickett gets wild and Almeida fends him off with a leglock. Pickett gets away and Almeida stands. Another brutal left from the Englishman. Now Almeida rocks Pickett!  Pickett gets in a takedown to clear his cobwebs. Almeida scrambles and turns Pickett over, but both men manage to break away. Wow, they are both landing solid. Pickett with a nice combo. Almeida gets in a spinning elbow. Hell of a round. Almeida with a cracking right hand as the buzzer sounds.

10-9 Pickett

Round 2: Almeida has a broken nose per his corner. 1-2 from Pickett. Jumping knee doesn't land. Almeida does one and PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT PICKETT IS IN THE LAND OF GHOSTS AND WHISPERS, BOYOS!

Final result: Almeida wins via knockout (flying knee). Round 2 - 0:29


170 lbs.: Matt Brown vs. Tim Means

Round 1: Means in white, Brown in black. These uniforms are getting kinda tedious - I miss the camo, yellow, red, etc already. Means punching forward to start. Brown with a kick, hits shoulder, however. Means coming forward with a nice left hand. They clinch and Brown connects with an elbow. Brown gets in a right, but then pokes Means with an open left hand. Means is OK after a brief pause. Means with a left to the body. Brown hits a right over the top that wobbles Means for a bit. Means gets back up and shucks off Brown. They clinch and Brown has Means backed to the fence. Solid knee to the gut from Matt. Means reverses and backs off. Left-right lands for "Immortal". Head kick, too. Means tries for a takedown, gets it stuffed and is into a standing guillotine. Matt gets a takedown of his own. Means gets to his knees and is up without any serious harm done. Brown gets in a knee, then breaks away with an elbow. Teep from "Dirty Bird". Stunning elbow from Tim. Another in the clinch, Brown fires off one of his own that backs off Means. Means ducks down, but leaves his neck off to the side and gets caught in a guillotine. Tim tries to fight it off for a second, but taps before napping.

Final result: Brown wins via submission (guillotine). Round 1 - 4:44


170 lbs.: John Howard vs. Cathal Pendred

Round 1: Howard in white, Pendred in black. Pendred whiffs no a flying knee to open. Howard with a leg kick. And a left. Howard catches a switch kick. Pendred reverses the clinch against the cage. Knees to the thigh and they break. Uppercut from Pendred. Again a leg kick gets caught, Pendred gets his leg back down and they clinch. Knees from Pendred. Howard breaks away. Howard punches in and gets some rights to land, although they weren't at full bore. Howard initiates the clinch, but gets away before he's backed to the fence. Leg kick from Howard. Rights from Howard and he seems to win that exchange as Pendred stops punching and powers forward to clinch onto the links. Howard with a left on the break.

10-9 Howard.

Round 2: Pendred fakes a takedown, knees the ribs instead. Right hand from Howard. Knee and uppercut attempt from John. Thai clinch from Pendred and Howard takes the opportunity to sling unfettered leather at Pendred's head. He landed a good half-dozen punches in that dirty boxing exchange. Not much happening. Clinch and a knee from Cathal. He pushed "Doomsday" into the fence and knees the body. They break. Heavy leg kick from Howard spins Cathal. Another, but no spin this time. Pendred tries one of his own, Howard counters with an overhand. Howard with a solid flurry at the end of the round.

10-9 Howard

Round 3: Painful leg kick to open from "Doomsday". Pendred tries for a double, runs into a brick wall. 1-2-legkick from Howard. Pendred with one of his own, but he's not feeling 100% from John's kicks. Howard times a clinch knee from Pendred by off-balancing Pendred with a trip and some punches. Pendred pushes Howard into the links, but can't do anything with it and breaks away. Pendred ducks under the arc of a hook and goes for a clinch. Can't do anything with it. Howard fends it off, and now he tries for a single. Howard leaves his neck outside and Pendred jumps for a guillotine. Howard snakes his head out of it and he's on top. Gets in a left, postures up, Pendred stands and eats a right for his troubles. Pendred can't get a double and eats two rights. One minute to go. Low kick and a left hook from Howard. Right from John. They swing at the end, and it looks like Pendred's ungainly winning streak is over.

10-9 Howard.

Final result: Howard wins via questionable split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)


170 lbs.: Alex Garcia vs. Mike Swick

Round 1: Garcia in white, Swick in black. Jab from "Quick". Garcia ducks down, gets a double leg, picks him up and gets him down. Full guard. Garcia with a left elbow. Swick punching from the bottom. He kicks Garcia off and stands. Eats a left on the way up. Garcia pushing forward, punches into another double leg and drags him down. Half guard up against the fence. "The Dominican Nightmare" can't maintain the position and Swick is up and punching. Heavy low kick from Mike. Garcia can't close enough distance with his overhand. Neither man landing solid here with 45 seconds left. Swick gets in a not-insignificant right hand.

10-9 Swick in a very close round

Round 2: Alex ducks under a punch and into a bodylock. He gets the takedown. Swick with double butterfly hooks. Garcia unable to really do anything significant with the top position before Swick pushed him off and stands up. Garcia glances in a right hand. Garcia throwing big haymaker punches in, but not landing anything of note. Garcia pressing forward so far this round. Swick hits a body kick. Garcia goes for a single, switches and dumps Swick down with 40 seconds left. Half guard. Body punches from both men.

10-9 Garcia

Round 3: Honestly, Swick looks too worried about getting knocked out to fight his normal game here. There's a jab and a headkick from Swick, but all his strikes are in solo shots. On cue, Joe Rogan states the same thing. Thanks, Joe. Swick still circling and not being aggressive. There's a right hand from the American. Garcia with a takedown attempt, picks up Swick and dumps him on his butt yet again. Full guard with 2:10 to go. Garcia postures up, swings back down with a punch that doesn't land. Half guard. Garcia passes nicely into mount. Some punches to the ribs and some shoulder shrugs. There's a nice left. Swick punching from the bottom. Swick tried to buck, Garcia stays on top. Swick manages to shrimp to half, Garcia steps over to mount near the cage.  Garcia doing a good job of looking active, but not really hitting anything.

10-9 Garcia

Final result: Garcia wins via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)


135 lbs.: Henry Briones vs. Cody Garbrandt

Round 1: Cody in white, Briones in black. Crowd shot of Paige van Zandt cheering on "No Love". Nice right hand from Cody as Briones tried to close the distance. Briones circles out away from a right. Slow pace here as both men are looking to counter, although Garbrandt is walking forward slowly. Leg kick from Cody. Hard jab from Briones and Cody does some Diaz-like posturing. Briones stumbles in the clinch and Cody looks for a front choke, but can't get it and breaks away. Rights from both men, Cody gets the takedown out of it. Elbows from Garbrandt. Hammerfists. Spins to mount.

10-9 Garbrandt

Round 2: Flashy kick from Garbrandt to open up, but it may have killed a fly buzzing around somewhere for all the damage it did. The pace is very slow again, as neither man is able to land successfully. Cody punches in and gets in a huge left followed by a right on an already falling Briones. Briones is bleeding and Cody is looking to finish. Briones has his wits about him however, kicks off the American and stands back up. Cody smashes in a right, Briones answers with a flying knee. Cody with a 3-2, but both are partially blocked. Briones hits a left, and Cody answers with the same.

10-9 Garbrandt

Round 3: Henry glances in a knee on ducking Garbrandt. Briones pushes Cody back, whiffs on a left as Cody gets on his bike back to the middle. Knee from "No Love". Right hand from the Mexican. Cody snaps a jab. Both men land left hands. Briones with a right and a left. Solid duck under from Cody and he lands a blast double. He's directly into side control. Briones scrambles and gets up. Cody with a flying knee. Right hand from the desperate Briones. Big left from Garbrandt. They flurry at the end with Garbrandt getting the better of that last exchange.

10-9 Briones

Final result: Garbrandt wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


125 lbs.: Neil Seery vs. Louis Smolka

Round 1: Smolka in white, Seery in black. Smolka misses a trio of head kicks early. Smolka tries a Thai clinch and Seery lands a mouthful of overhand rights. Seery catches a body kick and takes down Smolka. Seery is being very aggressive here, not paying much attention to position as he's punching down. Smolka goes for an armbar to get out from underneath and scrambles on top. Seery elbows from the bottom and goes for a guillotine. Smolka defends and Seery can't get his hands clasped. Smolka eventually pops his head free and passes. Now Smolka is working on a 1-armed guillotine of his own. Seery manages to get free of it and attempts to stand. Smolka controls the neck even as they both stand and forces Seery back to the ground. Smolka with a D'arce attempt and forcing Seery to do nothing but defend. Smolka passes to mount and he let's go to pound on the Irishman. Seery rolls facedown and Smolka floats over, continuing to punch down.

10-9 Smolka

Round 2: Smolka again with a trio of kicks, he lands one of them, but Seery bites down on his mouthguard and walks through it. They come together and Seery is on top briefly with a crucifix position, but Smolka is inconstant motion, looking for better position on the shorter man. They stand, go down, are up again and this time Smolka hits the takedown.  Full guard. Tons of elbows from the bottom by Neil here. Smolka maintaining position. He postures up, down, up, into an armbar, gets out of it, now he's on the back of Seery. He's fishing for the rear naked, but Seery is defending. Seery punching from the back, trying to get in some damage. Smolka getting the choke in a bit tighter, but Seery trapping the off-hand of the Hawaiian. Smolka getting tagged by a bunch of backands over Seery's own shoulder, but those are just annoying. They're keeping Smolka from getting the choke in, however, so that's a sound strategy. We end the round with Smolka still on the back, methodically searching for the choke.

10-9 Smolka

Round 3: Left from Seery and Smolka decides he's had enough of that, and takes Neil right down. Seery pistoning elbows as if it were his job from bottom. Omoplata attempt from Seery, and he uses it to stand up. Thai clinch from Smolka, Seery punching over the top, Smolka kneeing. Smolka with a left. Smolka tries another takedown, Seery defends and knees the head. They clinch out of it and Seery drops for a nice guillotine. Smolka defends, jumps out of it and goes for a Von Flue choke. Seery gets his arm out of it. Smolka working on an arm triangle now. He gets the position, gets his leg out from the guard.... and lets go of the choke to go to mount. Seery rolls. Smolka gets the back, tries the choke. Seery spins and has a leg free of the hook. He stands, but they're still together, and Smolka suplexes Seery down. Not a lot of position here, and they're back up. Guillotine attempt from Seery again, to no avail. Seery scrambles up, Smolka another suplex gets him down. Up. Repeat. Right into a round-ending arm triangle attempt. Heck of a round there.

10-9 Smolka

Final result: Smolka wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


155 lbs.: Yosdenis Cedeno vs. Cody Pfister

Round 1: How ya gonna use the nickname the "pink panther" and not walk out to that theme song? I am disappoint, Yosdenis. Pfister in white, Cedeno in black, and Cedeno is out and kicking early. My Fight Pass is being awful and I'm missing chunks of this match early. Hope they fix it, and soon. I'm back about 80 seconds into the round and Pfister is pressuring Cedeno. Cody is punching and moving the Cuban backwards. Low kick from Cedeno as Pfister pauses. They clinch and Pfister gets a takedown, but Cedeno scrambles up immediately. Cedeno lands a hard inside low kick. Both men seem to be slowing a bit. Pfister with a right. Nice 1-1-2 from Pfister. Cedeno kicking and nearly lands a huge high kick. Nearly. Cedeno is pummeling the left leg of Cedeno. He likes throwing (and landing) two leg kicks then going high.

10-9 Cedeno

Round 2: Pfister is trying hard, but not landing most of his punches. He's also not cutting off the cage well, mostly following. Pfister manages to get under a punch from Yosdenis and get the takedown. Cedeno tries to scramble, but he ends up giving up his back. Both hooks in for Pfister and he's trying for a rear-naked. Not getting it so far. He gets a bit sloppy with his hooks and Cedeno rolls on top into full guard. About a minute worth of closed guard action and the ref is bored of the low pace of action. Pfister immediately punches into an ankle pick and gets it. Full guard. Cedeno looking to get up, not too successful at it so far. He gives up for a minute to make sure his guard doesn't get passed. Cedeno shrimps them back to the fence. He gets space, gives up his back as he goes to stand. Both hooks. Pfister is a step ahead this time and gives up the back to get mount. Cedeno's got a nice bloody nose. Ground 'n' pound from Pfister. Cedeno stands as the round ends.

10-9 Pfister

Round 3: Pfister with a 3-punch combo into a single-leg. Cedeno defends initially, but Cody is persistent, switches to a double and takes him down. Nothing happening, as Cody has no position on it, and the ref stands them, to Joe Rogan's dismay. A little bit of standing before Pfister smartly nails another takedown. Full guard this time, so he's working to stay busy this time, spamming liver punches. Cedeno gives up the back again to stand, Pfister gets two hooks in. Mostly controlling, but just as I type that, Cedeno spasms out and is up. Pfister hugging onto a leg. Cedeno tries for a guillotine, to no avail. Again, the back give, and again, two hooks. Cedeno spins out and is on top, but the round ends before anything of note can happen.

10-9 Pfister

Final result: Pfister wins by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


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