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BJ Penn slams UFC's weight-cutting 'wimps,' calls IV hydration 'the biggest joke ever'

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight prospect Anthony Birchak called the "shitty" guidelines of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) "fucking dumb," not long after learning that under the organization's new drug-testing policy, athletes will no longer be ably to hydrate using intravenous (IV) methods.

Suck it up, "wimp."

That's the message from former welterweight and lightweight champion BJ Penn, who was unsympathetic toward any and all mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters who typically rely on the needle and plastic bag method to get their fluids back after cutting weight.

From his official Twitter (via Bloody Elbow):

I love the new PED and IV ban in the UFC. I never took an IV in my life after a weigh-in. IVs are for wimps! #BeerAndHotDogs It's the biggest joke ever. If you aren't sticking needles in your arm to fight, the guy gets a 15 pound advantage. #FightLikeAMan #TwoBelts #HallOfFame #NoIV #NoPED #(: #gottabearecord

The USADA policy for IV hydration has been relaxed until October.

Penn, who fought as high as light heavyweight and as low as featherweight, retired in 2014 after getting smashed by longtime nemesis Frankie Edgar. "The Prodigy" insists he never had to jab a needle in his arm to recover, instead relying on a weight-cutting guru to handle all his dietary needs.

And based on how that turned out, perhaps he was better off with the needle.

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