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Video: Worst broken noses in UFC and MMA history

Oh joy! I was looking for something to upset my stomach and here it is!

Thanks to our mates "Down Under" at Submission Radio Australia, a video compilation of the most gruesome injuries to the schnozes of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters throughout history.

The obligatory "viewer discretion advised" applies for the squeamish. As in, don't watch this with your kids standing next to you. Or do, I'm not telling you how to parent.

Some of the broken noses include Brandon Vera, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Rich Franklin, Thiago Alves (video highlights here), Miesha Tate, Junior dos Santos, Cung Le, Shane Carwin, Charley Lynch, Gabriel Gonzaga, Olaf Alfonso, Nathan Dunn, Craig Ninow, Joe Rogan, Andy Eichholz and Ryan McGillivray.

My personal favorite is Thiago Silva's handiwork on Brandon Vera. How about yours? See any they missed?

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