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UFC 189 'Embedded' video blog (Ep. 4): Conor McGregor ready for sword fight with Chad Mendes

All four men in UFC 189's main and co-main events get a share of the camera in this installment of 'Embedded" Episode 4.

In this episode of "Embedded" Chad Mendes goes for a swim and trains by holding his breath underwater for more than two and a half minutes at a time. Which is seriously impressive.

"Basically all I'm doing is just getting used to the feeling of over-exertion almost, lack of oxygen to the muscles," he says. "Each time I've done it I've gotten better and better."

Mendes then visits a gym where he gets encouragement from fellow Team Alpha Male teammates, which fires him up enough to scream a Diaz-esque, "Giggity-giggity-goo, where you at, McGregor, where you at, motherfucker?" Somebody in the background calls Conor "McMuffin."

Then it's time to watch tape on Conor's last fight against Dennis Siver. Urijah Faber begins looking concerned, but Mendes is doing the McKayla Maroney not imprezzed look.

At Team McGregor's camp, Conor is getting a back rub. Literally, that's all that's happening in this scene. Moving on... Conor is playing with a fake sword and pretends to stab somebody on the couch who doesn't flinch.

There's definitely some crazy eye going on here.

In Robbie Lawler's camp he works out with coaches at his American Top Team gym.

"It's just business as usual, going back to what got me this title, you know just hard work, learning, and trying to get better every day. We didn't train different, we just stepped it up another notch."

Lawler gives props to Rory MacDonald as a "fine-tuned" athlete but says he just needs to get in there and "get in his face and beat him up."

Meanwhile in Montreal, Rory Mac is eating chicken breast and avocado to keep his diet on schedule for the upcoming weight cut in the "healthiest way possible."

"Fighting the best in the world is something that inspires me and makes me hungry," he says, as the camera pans to the barbecue. "It's been great training. I feel mentally ready and physically ready. I'm sure it's going to be the hardest fight of my life and I've never been more ready."

Rory also gives props, but to his training partner Georges St-Pierre.

On a whiteboard in his kitchen: "Nothing will Stop Me From Being Champion of the World!"

A trip to Tristar gym and a pep talk from trainer Firas Zahabi about not fearing Lawler, but not underestimating him either. Zahabi then says he's going to pay Conor McGregor $100,000 to give Rory a better pep talk before the fight, which cracks the Kelowna, B.C., native up.

"How epic would that be? It would be like having Braveheart in your locker room."

Well, except that Conor is Irish and William Wallace was a Scotsman. Whatever.

We're only six days out, people! For more on UFC 189, including fight previews and other breaking news, click here.

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