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UFC 189 video: Conor McGregor stars in 'Mystic Mac'

The insurmountable hype train that the Dublinator is riding continues as he stars in this nostalgic UFC 189 video that begins with his earlier days fighting in Ireland.

If you were to add up the amount of promo videos and magazine covers indomitable Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stud Conor McGregor has chewed up and spit out prior to his interim Featherweight title clash with Chad Mendes (formerly with champion Jose Aldo) at UFC 189 (Sat. July 11, 2015) in Las Vegas, Nevada, you might exhaust yourself.

Well, add one more to that list.

The Dublinator didn't have to appear rather, as much as he probably had to give UFC production team a green light as it put together a nostalgic video on the current Featherweight No. 1 contender. The above video takes a look back at the bold and brash Irishman's claims as a prospect looking to grow on the regional circuit in Ireland.

"I'm a professional MMA fighter and I don't want to do anything else. It's as simple as that," McGregor said in 2008. "My dream is to be world champion in the UFC and I will be. [I] guarantee it."

We then return back to present times to the current five-fight win streak that he is on in UFC.

"Who has done what I've done in the space I have done it. I don't see anything is this division that troubles me. They don't move how I move. They don't think how I think and they don't talk like I talk," said McGregor, continuing. "That world title is next. I'll eliminate Chad "Mini" Mendes to give the fans what they want. You can call me Mystic Mac because I predict these things."

McGregor has a chance to back up these bold statements and months of pre-fight trash talk as he gets set for his main event battle with "Mini" Mendes at UFC 189. For all your needs on the July 11 pay-per-view (PPV), get them here.

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