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Bethe Correia's mom gets involved in UFC 190, wants Ronda Rousey to leave Brazil with broken jaw

Esther Lin

Remember back on the playground when somebody did you dirty, and the go-to response was, "I'm gonna tell my mom!"

Well, Bethe Correia didn't have to rat on UFC 190 opponent Ronda Rousey, because her mom took it upon herself to get involved in the pre-fight trash talk. According to Mrs. C, "Rowdy" needs to leave Brazil on Saturday night (Aug. 1, 2015) with a broken jaw.

"The Pitbull" talks to MMA Fighting:

"My mother told me the same thing. ‘Please, finish this fight in 10 seconds. Knock her out, break her jaw.' It's a mom thing. No mom wants to see a daughter get beat up, get hurt, and Ronda's mom thinks about it. It's easier to go for a takedown and lock an armbar, you don't get hurt. My mom wants me to go there, throw the first punch, Ronda goes down, and I go back to her arms. It's normal."

Is normal!

In fairness, Rousey's mom has also been known to get involved in the champ's fighting career, recently bashing featherweight menace Cristiane Justino and asking her daughter to break the Brazilian's arm. That day may come (or not), but first things first.

"Rowdy" has to finishing wrapping her present.

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