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Ronda Rousey reveals master plan: Beat up Bethe Correia and Miesha Tate, film 'Mile 22,' beat up the next chick

UFC women's Bantamweight champion has the next few months mapped out, detailing her plan during today's conference call to promote UFC 190.

Harry How/Getty Images

Ronda Rousey has been going at it non-stop these last few months inside and outside of the Octagon.

Dating back to Summer 2014, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's Bantamweight champion has successfully defended her title twice and appeared in three major movies: "Expendables 3," "Furious 7" and "Entourage." On top of that, she went on a national tour for her book, "My Fight / Your Fight," appeared at Wrestlemania 31 and made the rounds on the late night and morning talk show circuit.

But, don't think she has lost focus on the most important task at hand: Preparing for her title fight against Bethe Correia at UFC 190 this weekend (Sat., Aug. 1, 2015) at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The undefeated champion said she is "ultra focused" -- almost to a flaw -- on today's UFC 190 conference call.

And she gets a kick out of those who say her other accomplishments might hinder her concentration.

"I think it's hilarious when people are like, 'she's doing movies and she's going to lose her focus,' and all this stuff," Rousey said. "I'm like, 'wow you guys are like counting on something that is the opposite of my problem.'"

The 2015 ESPY "Best Fighter" award winner is known to be driven and consumed to win like no other female fighter on the planet. Yes, she has plenty of things going on outside of her fight career, but when it's time to buckle down and get dialed in, she gets in the right frame of mind and the outside world -- other than her current opponent -- ceases to exist.

"When I get really over stimulated with outside things besides fighting I really kind of have to rewire my brain to go out of that mode and back into fight mode," she explained. "And so, I try to push the outside world ... everything that isn't fighting had to be gone. That's why I started camp like way earlier. I started like eight-and-a-half weeks out. I started isolating. I started saying, 'okay no more anything else.' I cut all the other kind of work out.

"I went out into the mountains where I had no cell phone service or nothing and started my camp out there. Then even when I came home it was nothing but the gym and home. It was actually really refreshing in a way. I felt really rejuvenated by that. It really reaffirmed the fact that my hunger to fight is still there and it is still the thing that I have the most passion for more than anything."

If you've heard the champion's comments leading up to UFC 190, you'd know she's far beyond hungry to get into the Octagon against Correia. In fact, one could argue she has an insatiable appetite for causing bodily harm.

Rousey, 28, is extra motivated to face Correia because of the Brazilian contender's disparaging remarks about suicide, which hit home with the champion because her father took his own life when she was only eight-years old. Rousey told in New York recently that she's "never looked forward to beating up somebody more" in her entire life and that Correia has succeeded in being disliked more than long-time rival, Miesha Tate.

UFC President Dana White confirmed that Tate would be next up for the winner of Rousey and Correia (more on that here) after "Cupcake" defeated Jessica Eye at UFC on FOX 16 this past Saturday (July 25, 2015). Rousey is currently listed by as a -1500 favorite and many experts feel it's a foregone conclusion that the third fight between the two will be next.

The champion certainly agrees. And she laid out her plans for the next few months, which include filming a new movie with "Entourage" co-star Mark Wahlberg and Iko Uwais from "The Raid," called "Mile 22."

"Here is pretty much the plan: I'm going to beat up Bethe, then I'm going to take a little ... a couple of weeks to rest," Rousey predicted. "Then I'm going to go beat up Miesha. And then I'm going to go to, I don't know, Thailand or wherever we decide to film, and prep for like a month and then start filming for like 8-10 weeks and then go beat up the next chick. That's pretty much my plan."

As for working with Wahlberg, "Rowdy" say he is a positive influence on her for how to handle the spotlight and her acting career.

"He's absolutely amazing, such a cool guy," she said. "It's really nice to be able to meet people that have been able to sustain a public lifestyle and still stay really normal, and cool, and grounded good people and he's an amazing example for me. And so, I'm not just excited to create something with him, but I'm really excited to learn from him how to handle this kind of lifestyle with the grace and poise that he has."

After the fight with Correia, her career is bound to regain its hectic and crazy schedule once again, but Rousey added there is one more thing she plans to do: Rest and have a few days of vacation before getting back to the gym and grinding life of a fighter and her burgeoning acting career.

"That is one thing I am still trying to do, is rest and reflect and enjoy more, because I have a lot of time left, but there is only a finite amount of time and one day it's going to be gone and I want to know that I really enjoyed myself while I was doing it," she said. "I do enjoy it ... that's why I can't stop."

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