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Bas Rutten: Fedor Emelianenko would be an 'animal' at 205, could be serious threat to Jon Jones

"I mean I've been watching this guy over the years, and every time he amazes me. I always thought that Fedor shouldn't be fighting at heavyweight. The guy is like 225 pounds. Just lose 15 pounds or something and then fight at 205. What an animal he would be at that [weight]. If Jones goes back, he's an animal, too. But you know, when I look at Fedor, when I think about Fedor, I see him just crushing people in Japan. And if I think about him coming back, because maybe he had injuries and those were the reasons he started losing, I don't know, but just in my mind if I picture myself THAT Fedor coming back, I think sky's the limit for him. You know, even a Jon Jones. I don't know, he always find a way to win. Look at the Arlovski fight. You know, Arlovski was doing really good, really well, and then this one punch finished it all. And the way he punches against the Brett Rogers fight. Watch that in slow-motion where his punch leaves. Every fighter, pretty much all of them, they load up their punch. He's just holding it in mid air in front of him, and from there, 'Boop'. Suddenly the punch comes out and it nails him right on the button, super powerful, drops him with one shot. So any guy like that is just a dangerous guy."

If you're going to talk about the return of Fedor Emelianenko, who recently announced his desire to compete in mixed martial arts (MMA) after hanging up the gloves in 2012, there's no better place to start than with Bas Rutten, the man who called the action for "The Last Emperor" under the now-defunct PRIDE banner. Not only does "El Guapo" expect the combat sambo champ to regain his old form -- even at age 38 -- he also told the gang at Submission Radio that Emelianenko could be an "animal" if he dropped a few pounds and competed at light heavyweight. And by animal, he means good enough to challenge former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 205-pound kingpin Jon Jones, if and when "Bones" ever gets his legal affairs in order and finds his way back to the Octagon. First things first, however, as the ex-WAMMA champ needs to pick a place to call home and I think I speak for all anxious fans when I say PLEASE HURRY UP.

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