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Tommy Toe Hold Show: Not Joe Lauzon wraps UFC 'Chicago' ... and everything else

Joe Lauzon just did your job too...

What's up fight fans!? I'm the cheesy 1990s PSA of mixed martial arts (MMA) Tommy Toe Hold! And today's episode of TTTHS (The Tommy Toe Hold Show): The UFC "Chicago" Postmortem!

What a card we had on Saturday night! So many incredible performances and so much to make fun of on TTTHS! I always do these mock pressers after big UFC events, and there was a lot of material to pull from here.

Bryan Caraway, for reasons I don't fully understand, seems to catch a lot of flack from MMA fans, but he's always great to have on the show, not to mention, I get to do my Mickey Mouse impression and that's always a blast. T.J. Dillashaw got his p'sghetti yet again. Joe Lauzon did double duty as ref and as fighter. I swear people wouldn't even believe this sport if we didn't have video proof that it existed.


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