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Video: Twitter stalker confronts CM Punk at UFC on FOX 16 Q&A, threatens to beat up his sister's pussycat

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So, this weirdness happened yesterday.

Former WWE wrestling star CM Punk was hosting a Q&A session at Chicago's United Center following UFC on FOX 16 weigh-ins on Friday (July 24, 2015) when one of his Twitter stalkers showed up to challenge him to a fight.

At first "Punk," also know by his real name of Phil Brooks, tries to laugh it off. But, then things get more serious:

Fan: My name is Dillon Pousson and you might remember me from Twitter blowing you up all the time asking you for a fight.

Punk: [Laughs] No. You might remember me from Twitter is the greatest Troy McClure that the Simpsons ever, ever used.

Fan: Are you finished? [chewing gum obnoxiously]

Punk: [Still laughing] No, I'm here all day, but guess who's finished? You are! Bye, bye.

Fan: Alright so my question to you is, your sister Chaleen told you to stay away from the Mexican kid, but I find out you're ...

Punk: Oh, you're a Mexican? I feel bad for all the other cool Mexicans I know.

Fan: No, I'm an American. So your sister told you to stay away from the Mexican kid or are you scared to fight me because you know I'd beat your face up. I could beat your sister's pussycat up!

Yeah, that last sentence doesn't make much sense, but he said it. Megan Olivi, who was the emceeing the session, tried to tell the fan to stop talking and moved on to a new person, but "Dillon" wasn't giving up.

Fan: Are you scared to fight me?

Punk: Oh, are you a UFC fighter?

Fan: Are you a UFC fighter? You're an entertainer, bro!

Punk: I'm on the stage, bitch! Get the fuck out!

The crowd started cheering after that and the Q&A resumed normally.

As revealed on Twitter by Mike Jarves, Pousson is from St. Louis, Mo., and enjoys eating pizza and donuts every day, apparently.

The incident didn't seem to go over too well with some UFC fighters, as evidenced by Pousson's own tweet indicating he's been barred from training at his current gym:

At any rate, if his objective was fighting CM Punk in UFC then I'm afraid that's a dream that's probably not going to happen. However if his goal was a big bag of attention then hang a great big "mission accomplished" banner on that aircraft carrier.


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