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UFC on FOX 16's Tom Lawlor feels insulted in Chicago, reveals 'unhappiness' with 'different' UFC regime

Tom Lawlor pays homage to Shockmaster at UFC 154 weigh ins
Tom Lawlor pays homage to Shockmaster at UFC 154 weigh ins
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Damn, things done changed.

At least, that's according to UFC on Fox 16 fighter Tom Lawlor, who spoke to Yahoo Sports recently about the Reebok deal and personnel changes within the organization that has employed him since 2008.

"Filthy" is adjusting to more than a two-year absence from the Octagon, telling Ryan McKinnell that UFC is not as friendly as it once was:

"It's just almost like [a] completely different regime from 2013 until now. [Former UFC coordinator Burt Watson is] gone -- different front office people. The way things are handled in the office is different. I've had some issues getting stuff with medicals done that I didn't have before. With the whole Reebok thing, honestly, it's just a different UFC than it was before. I feel like even a lot of the fighters are on edge. It's just not as friendly of an environment."

One of the more colorful characters in UFC, Lawlor has never been shy about expressing himself or his opinion, as he did when Reebok botched his name during the rollout of the new uniforms.

Speaking of which, Lawlor reportedly ran into some trouble when he asked about walking out wearing Conor McGregor's "Fight Kit" in keeping with his insane entrances to fights. The answer from the no-fun police was "no."

"If there's one thing I'm known for in the sport, it's [his walkouts]. So, you're taking that away from me, and you're basically insulting me in the process.

Lawlor further suggested more guys will be looking for fight opportunities outside the UFC as happened with Phil Davis and Josh Koscheck (although Davis claims it was strictly business and not personal) if the status quo of "unhappiness" continues.

"Obviously competition is good in any business, I don't know how much this will actually drive people to go to other organizations, though. The UFC is still the pinnacle of the sport, but there is a lot of unhappiness with the way things are being done."

Despite the strong comments from Lawlor, UFC must feel he has the right to say them. After all, why would be linking to the Yahoo story right from its website? That's being a lot more open-minded to criticism than, for instance, the company's president has been to the "morons" and "idiots" on his Twitter stream.

Lawlor appears on the "Prelims" of UFC on FOX 16 this afternoon (Sat., July 25, 2015) for a Light Heavyweight tilt with Gian Villante.

For the full UFC on FOX 16 fight card and line up click here.

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