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Former UFC cutman 'Stitch' Duran appeals to Dana White, has no hard feelings about firing firestorm

"Stitch" Duran applies aid to the face of Diego Sanchez at UFC Fight Night 42
"Stitch" Duran applies aid to the face of Diego Sanchez at UFC Fight Night 42
Esther Lin,

Come on, Dana White, how can you say "no" to that face?

Just days after a very messy public divorce between Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Jacob "Stitch" Duran, the famous cutman told reporter Dave Meltzer over at that he'd like back into the company he's called home for the past 14 years.

"Yeah, absolutely. I'm the kind of guy, I'm not going to have hard feelings. I think it was a knee jerk response. I don't think the UFC realized they picked on the wrong guy. I bring more to the table than just wrapping hands and working on cuts. The fans, the fighters, the trainers, even people within the organization, and commissioners, have called me. They should understand I bring a lot more. If they called me tomorrow, I'd be more than willing to sit down."

Although White hasn't publicly commented on the decision to axe Duran over comments he made (factual ones) about losing sponsorship money because of the Reebok deal, the company president did take to Twitter to call out the "idiots" and "morons" who were unhappy with the decision.

It probably doesn't help the bridge burning department that Duran said White is missing his manly areas for not firing "Stitch" in person. However, he noted that whatever was said is water under that burned bridge and urged the UFC president to reach out in person.

"If I was a doctor, my prescription would be two words, `I'm sorry.'"

Regardless of what UFC decides, it looks like "Stitch" won't be hearing the wolves at the door any time soon as World Series of Fighting (WSOF) president Ray Sefo has booked him for their Aug. 1, 2015, show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the meantime, fans can reach out to Duran on his official twitter account, which has 47,500 followers ... and growing.


"Stitch" took to Twitter to clarify that if anybody is going to be apologizing, it should be Dana White:

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