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Tommy Toe Hold Show: Georges St-Pierre breaks Nick Diaz out of jail after DUI sentence

Either get busy living, or get busy dying ...

What's up fight fans!? I'm the generic brand cereal of mixed martial arts Tommy Toe Hold and this is a TTTHS (The Tommy Toe Hold Show) Short!

It turns out Nick Diaz will only be spending a day or two in jail for that little DUI incident awhile back, and I thought it would be fun to make a show about this because Nick Diaz is kinda my bread and butter.

He was the first character on TTTHS besides myself and he is still without a doubt the most popular. The second most popular might be former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, so I figured why not throw him in the mix for this video as well.

It's insane to think that these two would meet under these circumstances, but it's also hilarious. Enjoy the conversation you never knew you wanted to hear so badly, and let me know who you think should visit next!

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