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WSOF hires cutman 'Stitch' Duran to work 'Palhares vs Shields' event after controversial UFC release

In a recent conference call to promote "Palhares vs. Shields," which takes place on Aug. 1, 2015, WSOF President Ray Sefo declared that he'd love to have renowned cutman Jacob "Stitch" Duran in the organization. Today, it seems he got his man.

Esther Lin

The Jacob "Stitch" Duran story has taken another interesting turn.

Earlier this week, Duran was released from his Zuffa contract after making some honest (and not really disparaging) remarks about how UFC's cutmen were being left out of the Reebok deal. That wouldn't have been so terrible had the group not been forced to cut ties with their existing sponsors and miss out on significant paychecks.

And rock these lovely pieces of apparel without compensation.

Shortly after his abrupt release, the mixed martial arts (MMA) community began a public outcry on social media. And Duran quickly became a hot, popular commodity for every other organization that previously couldn't work with him because of UFC being his primary place of employment.

It didn't take long for World Series of Fighting (WSOF) President Ray Sefo to throw his hat into the ring:

"'Stitch' and I have been friends for years. Now that he's a free agent, we want the best guys out there, and we want a guy who knows how to look after fighters. I'm interested in him working for us."

Based on Sefo's most recent tweet, it seems that he has gotten his man less than 24 hours later:

One door closes, several others bust wide open.

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