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Miesha Tate: 'Nervous' Jessica Eye tried to talk tough, came off looking 'dumb'

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Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Miesha Tate vs. Jessica Eye was a fight that was always going to take place, it was just a question of when.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) wanted to make something happen in June, following the announcement that Ronda Rousey would fight Bethe Correia in August, but their 135-pound showdown was instead rescheduled for this weekend's UFC on FOX 16 event in Chicago (details here).

Which is why Tate (via Fan Sided) doesn't understand all that preliminary contract talk from Eye (see it).

"I just thought it made Jessica look dumb because everybody knows that we didn't have a fight contract for a date that was never set for the June 6 card. The fact is it was never set in stone and we never received contracts. It was a ploy for her to try to get her fans to think for some reason that I was stalling or delaying to fight her. When we actually got our fight contracts for this date, I signed mine right away and tried to spin it back in her face and be like now where's your contract now that we have a real contract? When I hear her talking trash, there's no real reason she can have any personal dislike for me because we've always been nice to each other before. We were slated to fight each other. Now suddenly, it's like she's turned over this new leaf. She's trying to be tough. I think it's really because she's nervous. A lot of people feel like all of a sudden they have to talk a big game, say all these things and try to convince people why they are going to win this fight."

There's a lot at stake in "The Windy City."

While a victory over Tate would only give Eye two consecutive wins since falling to Alexis Davis at UFC 170, "Evil" may get a free ticket to the winner of "Rousey vs. Correia," simply because the 135-pound division is short on contenders (proof). "Cupcake," meanwhile, has won three straight, but is down 0-2 to the "Rowdy" champion.

I guess we'll see who looks dumb after the cage door closes on fight night.

Who ya' got?