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Anthony Pettis: Nate Diaz is irrelevant, but I'll whoop his ass anyway

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For someone who is just 1-3 over their last four and barely makes the top 15 at 155 pounds, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight Nate Diaz sure has a lot to say about what's happening at the top of his division.

And lest you thought ex-champ Anthony Pettis wasn't paying attention to the Stockton jibber-jabber, rest assured "Showtime" has been tuning in and hears the criticism loud and clear.

It's been kinda hard to miss these past few months.

While Pettis and Diaz were sharing the same real estate during The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20, not much came of their longstanding beef. But now that it's no longer about the 155-pound title, "Showtime" is willing to settle a beef that has now become personal.

From Talking Brawls (via MMA Fighting):

"He's not relevant at all, but it's personal. When someone talks crap to me in my face, I need to address that. Where I grew up, that doesn't happen. He just talks shit. When I walk past him, he has something to say. In Mexico City he had a few words, but it was by the media event. He runs over, gets on the camera and stays relevant. I don't play into that. If he wants to fight, let's set it up. I'm not afraid to fight this dude. He's not even top ten. It doesn't make sense for me but the fact that it's personal is why I want that fight. I want to whoop his ass. That's it."

One thing about Diaz, he's never in a boring fight.

But getting UFC matchmaker Joe Silva to agree to this fantasy match up could be a pretty tall order. The fight community is expecting Pettis to settle another protracted feud when Khabib Nurmagomedov returns from the injured reserves later this year.

Unless you, the fickle fight fan, would rather see Pettis vs. Diaz?