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Dana White fat-shames 'morons' and 'idiots' who bash UFC-Reebok deal, Stitch Duran release on Twitter

Anthony Kwan/Getty Images

One mixed martial arts (MMA) fan was disappointed by the way Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was handling criticism over the promotion's new Reebok deal. So, said fan took his grievance to Twitter and spoke his mind.

What he got in return was a scathing critique about his prodigious girth.

Just for the record, pizza is delicious and should be a part of every sports fan's diet.

But that wasn't the point of last night's digital pissing match (see his full rant here). White had some time to kill and used his considerable reach on social media to not only dodge questions about his business ethics, but also the oft-maligned uniforms and recent exile of longtime cutman Jacob "Stitch" Duran.

Ad Hominem, 101.

White's treatment of critics should not surprise longtime fans of UFC and MMA, as this has been his unapologetic modus operandi since day one. And it's not just restricted to fans, either, as the outspoken promoter has also attacked talent and even the media for publishing negative content.

Or in some cases, simply blocked them on Twitter while revoking their fight night credentials.

Genius at work!

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