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Randy Couture: If Fedor Emelianenko signs UFC contract, 'more than likely I'm out'

But, was he ever really "in?"

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Upon hearing that Fedor Emelianenko was coming back to mixed martial arts (MMA), Randy Couture's eyes widened with some interest.

Though "The Natural" didn't exactly say he'd step out of retirement to challenge "Last Emperor," he didn't exactly shoot down the possibility during his recent conversation with MMA Fighting, either.

Of course, it'd have to be a perfect scenario and the stars would have to align for the fight to happen. And one thing that could definitely throw a potential showdown between the two legendary heavyweights clear off course is if the Russian decides to sign with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

It's a move that's more probable now than it was a few years ago.

"You never say never -- you never say 'no, I'm not going to do that.' But, I'm very, very happy being retired doing all the other stuff I'm doing. If the stars align and the right situation came up... you know, Fedor's not a cheap ticket. So I don't know who's going to pay that price right now. Especially considering how things ended for him, so I'm not sure it will be Viacom or Bellator, which seems like the most logical place. I know there's new organizations coming out in Japan in the new year, and he's built a huge name there. Maybe they have the pockets for it. I know the UFC would like to get it done, and more than likely I'm out if that's the case."

Of course, those comments are based on the fact that UFC president Dana White and Couture haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye over the years, as the brash president banned Couture from all UFC events after he signed with rival promotion, Bellator MMA.

Speaking of Bellator, if Emelianenko decides to partner up again with Scott Coker, then a fight against Couture is more likely, as the former retired UFC champion is employed by the company. Then again, Couture is 52 years old and has not competed in more than four years.

For now, Emelianenko is still mulling over his options with no aid from Vadim Finkelchtein, as the M-1 Global president recently revealed during a recent episode on The MMA Hour that he is no longer managing the Russian's career.

Something that would have probably been beneficial for Emelianenko's chances to sign with UFC had the duo parted ways long ago.

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