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UFC Quick Quote: Luke Rockhold is not impressed with your analysis of Yoel Romero

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"Yoel is growing and getting better, but he's running short on time to get as good as he needs to be to beat me and Weidman. Obviously, he's a dangerous guy, and as freak of an athlete as he is -- I don't even think I can match his athleticism -- but I'm a smarter, more technical athlete, and that's what it comes down to. He's one of the best wrestlers I've ever seen in my life, but there's a big difference in wrestling and grappling. People say he's one of the best grapplers... they need to check themselves when they analyze fighters."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight No. 1 contender Luke Rockhold (via Bloody Elbow) is gearing up for a fight against reigning division champion Chris Weidman later this year (we think). But he hasn't lost sight of what else is happening in the 185-pound division, since a couple of top contenders are nipping at his heels. Chief among them is Yoel Romero, who planished Lyoto Machida last weekend on FOX Sports 1 (video) and could be one of Rockhold's next opponents, depending on how things shake out. Just please don't call the "Soldier of God" -- a former Olympic wrestler -- one of the promotion's best grapplers and if you do, the former Strikeforce champ would like you to grab a mirror and check yourself when you analyze fights.

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