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Paul Daley: Josh Koscheck needs to win a fight in Bellator before we discuss rematch

Esther Lin/ MMA Fighting

Back in 2010, Paul Daley delivered the shot hear round' the world, clocking Josh Koscheck deliberately after the final horn sounded following their welterweight scrap at UFC 113.

The shot earned Daley a lifetime ban from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and ended all hopes of getting the opportunity to avenge the loss he suffered to Josh.

That was, of course, until both men found themselves competing for Bellator five years later five years later. However, a rematch isn't a done deal, as "Semtex" recently told MMA Fighting that before the two tango inside the cage again, Koscheck has to first earn his first Bellator win.

"I think Koscheck needs to win a fight first and then we'll talk after that. So when Koscheck gets a win here in Bellator, then we'll talk about fighting. If he gets a win before December and Bellator thinks it's the right fight in terms of promotion and getting eyes on the promotion, then I'll accept the fight, but let's get him a win. Maybe Koscheck vs. [Douglas] Lima, maybe that's an interesting fight next."

Daley earned his fourth straight win (second in a row with Bellator) last Friday night (July 17, 2015) by knocking out Dennis Olsen in round number two at Bellator 140 (recap). And wouldn't you know it, Josh was present to see it all go down.

Koscheck is scheduled to makes his debut for the Viacom-owned promotion later this year. In the meantime, Daley will take part in a kickboxing match on Sept. 19, 2015 as part of Bellator and K-1's hybrid event (details).

And if the stars align, the two men could throw down for the second time sometime in early 2016.

"It's an important fight, because it's a big fight. In terms of promotion, in terms of financial reward it would be probably bigger than a lot of the other fights. But becoming champion, you know, again there your marquee name goes up and the financial awards are there too, so for me it's a title fight or the Koscheck fight next. We'll see what Bellator thinks. If they want me to have another fight, I'll have another fight. I'll never say no to another fight before either of those two fights because I'm still not 100 percent happy with what I did tonight, or 100 percent happy with the Andre Santos fight [at Bellator 134]. So I'd still like to have another run out and try and work on some more things that I've been working on in camp."

Anyone expect a different outcome should Daley and Koscheck find themselves locked inside the cage one more time? Or can Daley get some much-desired payback against the former UFC title contender?

One thing is certain, as Daley recently told MMAmania, the fight is the biggest one Bellator can stage at the moment; and the rivalry and hatred between the two men will only result in fireworks once the time comes, as "Semtex" said he won't wait for the final bell to tag Koscheck, saying he'll hit him as soon as the fight starts.

Maybe even before.

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