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Frankie Edgar: UFC is milking Conor McGregor before they send him to slaughter against me

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Can you dig the confidence?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Frankie Edgar already took the first step in trying to cut in front of the championship line, taking it upon himself to ask Conor McGregor for a title shot immediately after "Notorious" claimed the interim Featherweight belt at UFC 189 by knocking out Chad Mendes (video).

Unfortunately for "The Answer," Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) officials aren't feeling a fight between the two men just yet. That's because Jose Aldo will likely be the one to get his hands on Conor first, maybe even as soon as Dec. 5, 2015.

Still, Edgar says he is ready to fight now and feels he has the blue print to stop Conor's impressive run inside the cage. During a recent impromptu Twitter Q & A (via Bloody Elbow), Edgar talked about all things Conor, saying that UFC has to first milk McGregor for everything they can before they send him to slaughter against him.

Because once they do square up, the company will lose a lot of money seeing their new golden boy go down in flames.

Oh, but "The Answer" didn't stop there.

When asked if he had any issues fighting Conor in Ireland, Edgar said no. In fact, he will even fly to the moon for a showdown against "Notorious." But first, UFC has to stop protecting him.


Indeed, "Notorious" has proven to be a money making machine for the promotion.

But, as far as "protecting" Conor goes, love him or hate him, that's hardly the case, as McGregor -- to his credit -- accepted the last-minute switch in opponents from a proven striker to a decorated wrestler without skipping a heartbeat.

And he passed his first wrestling test rather impressively. While he couldn't exactly stop the takedown (probably because of this), he did enough to weather the storm that was Chad's outstanding grappling and pull out the win.

But, will Edgar's speed and foot movement prove too much for the interim champ?

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