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Jose Aldo blasts IV ban, dares USDA 'ninjas' to catch him

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo has no intention of moving up a weight class following a new ban on intravenous rehydration by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, and intends to defy any attempts to make him stop.

Speaking to reporters in Brazil on Friday (July 17, 2015), the usually reserved Aldo became very animated on the subject, becoming angry and suggesting there's no way to force compliance.

"Only if they put security guard with me 24 hours a day. I don't care. That's what's going to happen. I will do it anyway or someone else will do it for me. I will go to a friends house, to a different hotel room. I don't fucking care about them. They won't take me out of the fight anyway. They can't take me from the fight. It's not doping. They will say they will test me. How are they going to get IV rehydration from my urine, brother? Only if they got new techniques. They are ninjas. They are fucking stupid."

The champion sounded off on a variety of subjects, including the injury that forced him from the main event at UFC 189 last Saturday (July 11, 2015) in Las Vegas. Saying he doesn't blame his training partner who "slipped" and made a mistake, Aldo added it's "part of the sport." In fact, he said getting hurt was "God's will."

Although his team considered taking the fight injured, Aldo revealed he couldn't even get off the couch for three weeks after the injury and still feels pain today. But the veteran fighter is still miffed that his injury was such a big deal.

"Chris Weidman pulled out from the Vitor fight three times with rib injuries and other things. Cain Velasquez was also out with injuries. It's funny, they say we have to protect ourselves, but they have all this protection so how do they get injured? We train in a full-contact sport and there's a risk, it doesn't matter if the other guy is light or heavy. You can't escape from this."

Aldo shrugged when asked about comments made by UFC president Dana White about his ribs not being actually broken, suggesting something may have been lost in translation. He added that White isn't a doctor and doesn't have the right to say whether he was injured or not.

As for UFC 189, the champ didn't even watch the fight, saying unless he or his teammates are competing he doesn't usually watch UFC. But he did say a teammate told him that Mendes was winning the fight until he gassed out and that the stoppage was early.

Aldo added McGregor's interim belt is meaningless and fans and media know it was only created to save the main event of UFC 189. Nor is he impressed with McGregor's ongoing trash talk.

"They can say whatever they want. If they don't say it Portuguese I won't understand a word so I don't care. Get ready, I'm coming. He can say whatever he wants but his weapons are nowhere near what I'm going to show him."

As for his opinion of the new Reebok uniforms, Aldo's answer was short and sweet.

"It sucks," said Aldo, later adding they look like the Power Rangers, a popular children's TV show in the 1990s.

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