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MMA quick quote: Asian countries want loudmouth, arrogant Americans to get beat up

Starting with Ben Askren, according to ONE Championship CEO Victor Cui.

Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

"I think in a lot of countries in Asia, they want to see the loudmouth, arrogant American get beat up. I'm not saying that is what Askren is. I'm not saying that about a champion. The stereotype of Americans in Asia is being loudmouth, arrogant and bragging, all this kind of stuff. That stereotype is what Asians want to see get beat up. Every time he does something he just gets attention in Asia."

ONE Championship welterweight titleholder Ben Askren has been representing loudmouth, arrogant Americans while competing in Asian countries over the past 14 months. That's not to suggest that "Funky" has been misbehaving on the international circuit, but rather his mixed martial arts (MMA) persona of calling out fighters and promising to rule the 170-pound roost -- a familiar tactic in United States competition -- reinforces existing stereotypes that some Asian countries have toward American combatants. The good news is, wanting to see Askren get his comeuppance means buying tickets to live events and rooting for the hometown hero, something that helps ONE Championship CEO Victor Cui (via MMA Fighting) as he continues to bring combat sports into new territories, like this weekend's show in Myanmar. Luckily for Askren, he can always come back home and get embraced by fans and fellow fighters. Oh wait...

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