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Bellator 140 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates for 'Lima vs Koreshkov' online

Bellator MMA

Bellator 140: "Lima vs Koreshkov" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., July 17, 2015) from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., featuring a much anticipated Welterweight fight between division champion Douglas Lima and Season 10 tournament winner Andrey Koreshkov.

In fact, the entire main card on Spike TV tonight is a 170-pound showcase.

The co-main event pits Chris "The Cutt" Honeycutt against Paul "The Gentlemen Bradley" in an eliminator bout, while other top stars of the division like Paul "Semtex" Daley and Michael "Venom" Page will also be in action.

You can expect an entertaining "Prelims" undercard on, too, with up-and-coming talent on tap, including Lightweight veterans Ryan Quinn and Michael Waylon Lowe going toe-to-toe!

Bellator 140 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the undercard "Prelims" action on that begins at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 140) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Douglas Lima (c) vs. Andrey Koreshkov: Koreshkov 48-47, 50-45 X2.
Chris Honeycutt vs. Paul Bradley: NC at 2:47 R2.
Michael Page vs. Rudy Bears: Page via KO 1:05 R1.
Brennan Ward vs. Roger Carroll: Ward via KO at 2:06 R1.
Paul Daley vs. Dennis Olson: Daley via TKO at 1:12 R2.

'Prelims' Undercard (

Blair Tugman vs. Kin Moy: Moy via triangle choke at 3:01 R3.
Nicolas Sergiacomi vs. Ilya Kotau: Kotau via RNC at 2:17 R1.
Parker Porter vs. Eric Bedard: Porter via americana at 2:51 R2.
Remo Cardarelli vs. Billy Giovanella: Cardarelli UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.
Alex Dunworth vs. Dean Hancock: Hancock via TKO 2:14 R2.
Kaline Medeiros vs. Sarah Payant: Medeiros via kimura 3:24 R1.
Ryan Quinn vs. Waylon Lowe: Quinn via guillotine 2:47 R2.


Douglas Lima (c) vs. Andrey Koreshkov

Koreshkov is in the orange and white trunks tonight, record of 17-1, fighting out of Omsk, Russia. Douglas Lima is in the black trunks tonight, 26-5, fighting out of Atlanta, Georgia by way of Goiania, Goias, Brazil. Our referee in charge for tonight's main event is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Koreshkov opens with a leg kick then misses wide with a spinning back kick. He keeps on throwing the kicks out there until he shoots for a double. Lima is immediately warned about shots to the back of the head. Koreshkov gets the takedown at 1:08. Lima gets back up at 1:25. Koreshkov lands a couple of rights and gets another takedown at 2:06. Lima is up and out at 2:37. Lima lands a leg kick that makes Koreshkov stumble and then clips him with a right hand. Lima tries to bait Koreshkov in by letting him throw spin kicks but he backs away before Lima lands the heavy hands in response. A single leg by Koreshkov connects at 4:28. 10-9 Koreshkov.

Round 2: Koreshkov with leg kicks to start R2 and a power hand. Lima returns the kicks. Both guys are staying just outside of striking range. Koreshkov finally closes the distance at 1:52 but Lima ends up on top in half guard on the takedown attempt. Lima escapes a leg lock attempt and Koreshkov gets back up. Koreshkov keeps moving Lima backward and even if you think R1 was close that can't look good to the judges in either round. Koreshkov closes the distance again with 85 seconds left. Lima finally gives up the takedown at 4:15. Koreshkov gets in some good body and head work before the bell. 10-9 Koreshkov.

Round 3: Koreshkov has Lima backpedaling to open R3. Lima is landing his counter jabs here and there. Koreshkov gets a takedown at 1:10. The crowd seems to be a little restless. Koreshkov moves to half guard and grinds away, though it appears he's smearing some blood on Lima's chest that's leaking from his nose. MacDonald calls for more work and Lima sweeps at 2:18, but Koreshkov gets right up and throws knees to the legs looking to break Lima down for another takedown. MacDonald resets them at 3:18. Koreshkov throws a head kick that's checked. Another single leg by Koreshkov at 3:51. Lima goes for a triangle and Koreshkov slips it. Koreshkov throws lefts and rights on top as the crowd complains. Another 10-9 for Koreshkov.

Round 4: Koreshkov continues to push forward with leg kicks and jabs. Koreshkov's head kick is blocked. Koreshkov lands a thudding body kick, and gets another takedown at 1:40. Both announcers have noticed that the later the fight goes the easier it is for Koreshkov to get them. I can't disagree. Lima sweeps at 2:57 but can't stay on top, and Koreshkov gets another single leg and goes back to half guard. Short left elbows and right hooks to the face follow. Lima sweeps again at 3:57 and Koreshkov goes right back to the takedown again - putting Lima high in the air and dropping him at 4:18. He attempts to pass to side but Lima gets the knees up. MacDonald stands them with ten seconds left for who knows what reason. 10-9 Koreshkov.

Round 5: Lima just looks too timid out there. He's only throwing one punch at a time. He doesn't even look like himself. I'm seriously wondering if he had another injury in training camp and didn't want to pull out of a second fight. Grande: "If Lima's feeling urgency he's not showing it." Too right. Koreshkov pounds on him and puts him on the fence at the two minute mark. Lima throws one elbow as they break but doesn't follow up. The crowd is booing loudly at 2:40. Lima just seems to stand there and wait for a counter shot, but even those aren't coming as Koreshkov is ripping and slipping, even getting an over-the-top right against the fence. He can clinch and run out the clock now. He drops levels at 3:53 and if he gets this takedown that's it. He doesn't. Lima and Koreshkov exchange as they reset. Lima's only shot now is a home run. He stuffs a takedown from Koreshkov but eats some lefts. Koreshkov dives for a takedown then lets Lima on top to run out the clock - Lima gets a couple hammers before the bell. Expect a title change.

Final result: Koreshkov wins the title via 48-47 and 50-45 X2 unanimous decision.


Chris Honeycutt vs. Paul Bradley

Bradley is in the black and gold trunks, 22-6, from Tama, Iowa but fighting out of San Diego, California. Honeycutt is in the black trunks, 6-0, fighting out of Fresno, California. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Honeycutt shoots in at the half minute mark and Bradley avoids the leg trip and shoves him off at 53 seconds. Honeycutt is pumping the left jab. He goes up with a kick that's checked. Kick to the body lands for Honeycutt. He shoots again at 1:43. Bradley pushes him off 11 seconds later. Honeycutt throws a head kick that grazes. Bradley pops Honeycutt with a right, and an over-the-top left. They get a warning to watch the clash of heads as they clinch at 2:45. Bradley turns out at 3:03. Bradley's face has been bloodied from the head clash. Honeycutt throws knees to the thighs against the fence but again can't open up a takedown. Strong jab by Honeycutt at 4:20. Another left finds the home. They trade knees in close. 10-9 round for Honeycutt.

Round 2: Honeycutt gets in deep on a double leg after some solid strikes and gets Bradley down at 0:42 but he couldn't keep him there. Bradley responds with his own takedown and gets Honeycutt's back when he too pops right up. They reset at 1:24. McCarthy stops the action momentarily for a finger to they eye and then we resume. Two shots right to Bradley's nose at the halfway point. There's another head clash at 2:48 and Bradley is pouring blood from the top of his head. McCarthy goes over to Honeycutt who feigns innocence and says "You're both doing it!" THE FIGHT HAS BEEN WAVED OFF due to how deep the cut is. McCarthy indicates that it will go down as a no contest due to accidental foul by both men.

Final result: Due to a cut from an accidental head clash the fight ends via no contest at 2:47 of the second round.


Michael Page vs. Rudy Bears

Black trunks and blue gloves for Bears out of Kansas City, Missouri. Red and black trunks with red gloves for Page out of London, England. Bears is 16-3, Page is undefeated at 7-0. Our referee for the first fight on Spike TV is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Page jumps up with a kick 4 seconds into the fight but Bears is out of range. Page knocks him down with a hard shot 25 seconds in. Bears goes for a takedown 25 seconds in but is easily swept, Page gets a warning for elbows to the back of the head, and lands a clean knee when they stand. Page drops him with a left at 1:05 and it's over.

Final result: Michael 'Venom' Page via first round knockout at 1:05.


Brennan Ward vs. Roger Carroll

Carroll is in the red trunks and blue gloves tonight and is fighting on less than a week's notice. Ward also has on red trunks and is wearing red gloves. 16-11 for Carroll, 10-3 for Ward. Carroll fights out of Hickory, North Carolina and Ward fights out of Waterford, Connecticut. Our referee is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Ward knocks Carroll down with a kick to the gut 9 seconds in but it appears he was off balance. Carroll is taken down 22 seconds in and Ward lets him back up. Ward stings him at 33 seconds, hits a big right on the ground, lets Carroll back up and he's smiling. Ward dumps him again at 51 seconds. Ward catches a leg and dumps him again but McCarthy calls time a few seconds later at 1:18 when Ward gets kicked in the cup. Carroll covers up to avoid a flurry after the restart, but a jump knee and a right hand both find their home. Ward creams Carroll with a right hand at 2:05 although the official time of the stoppage may be a second or two later.

Final result: Brennan Ward via knockout at 2:06 of the first round.


Paul Daley vs. Dennis Olson

Both fighters are in black trunks. Olson is 14-8 and hails from Lowell, Massachusetts wearing blue gloves. Daley is 36-13-2 and hails from Nottingham, England wearing red gloves. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: They touch gloves and we're underway. Daley knocks him off balance 12 seconds in but Olson gets a takedown 9 seconds later and manages to ground Daley again when he tries to get back up. Daley is back up at 49 seconds and he turns Olson around into the fence. He delivers a knee, Olson goes for the takedown, but it's Daley who winds up on top in half guard. Olson throws his legs up for a triangle, Daley slips out and lands a hard left. Olson tries an upkick that misses and Daley jumps back into guard. Daley backs out and forces a stand-up at 2:25. Olson shoots and eats an uppercut as he does. Daley uncorks a knee to the body and the head and starts winging his hands. Olson gets a takedown at 3:02. Olson scores with a left elbow on top and looks for a choke. Daley sweeps on top and pops out of a guillotine with a minute left. Daley's nose is tagged with an upkick but he jumps back on top and lands some big ground and pound. Olson ties up the arms and goes for an armbar late but doesn't have it. 10-9 Daley.

Round 2: Olson tries a cartwheel kick and a jump knee to start the second round. Daley knocks him down with a right at 30 seconds. He's unloading with bombs as he gets up and drops him with a left at 44 seconds. Once again Olson is trying to tie Daley up to avoid being finished. Miragliotta warns him to fight back at 1:08 and another left finishes the fight four seconds later.

Final result: Paul 'Semtex' Daley scores the TKO victory at 1:12 of the second round.


Blair Tugman vs. Kin Moy

Round 1: Black trunks, 6-2, fighting out of Cambridge, MA is Kin Moy. White trunks, 7-5, fighting out of North Haven, CT is Blair Tugman. John McCarthy is our ref. Both fighters run to the center and touch gloves. Tugman has Moy circling on the outside early. Every now and then he closes the distance with a leg kick. Tugman gets a takedown at 1:06. Moy gets up but is thrown down again at 1:21. Tugman moves to take his back as Moy flails away with reverse punches. Moy gets up but he doesn't get away. Tugman keeps the pressure on. Tugman picks him up and throws him down hard at 3:53. Moy immediately gets his back to the cage and he's back up at 4:12 - and back down again. Tugman has the back this time, nearly has the rear naked, but Moy spins out and gets up - and Tugman takes him down again before the bell. 10-9 Tugman.

Round 2: Tugman and Moy trade kicks to open R2 until Tugman pushes him into the fence. Tugman guts him with an elbow and takes him down at 0:54. He's got the back and he's looking for the choke again as Moy's blood sprays everywhere. They're leaving handprints and footprints on the canvas each time they move. Moy avoids a submission but Tugman is beating him up from on top in guard. Moy is warned to watch shots to the back of the head. McCarthy calls for more work. Moy scoots to the fence but Tugman stands with him and momentarily considers a guillotine. As soon as they stand McCarthy calls time to check Moy's cut. The doctor says it's fine and lets them continue. Tugman hits a power takedown at 3:12. McCarthy calls for more work. Moy once again manages to scoot his way to the fence and sit up. He's back to his feet at 4:27. Another 10-9 for Tugman as he ends the round with a hard right hand.

Round 3: Moy throws some leg kicks to start R3 but Tugman turns him around into the fence and breaks with an elbow and hand combo. Moy unloads a power strike but Tugman eats it to take him down and gets the back as they scramble. Moy escapes and gets up at 1:22. Tugman trips him right back down. Moy gets up again. Tugman considers a guillotine as Moy looks to stand and lets it go. Straight to the fence again at 2:10. Another takedown at 2:27. Moy is trying to get a triangle off his back and he GETS THE TAP at 3:01.

Final result: Kin Moy via triangle choke at 3:01 of the third round.


Nicolas Sergiacomi vs. Ilya Kotau

Round 1: Black trunks fighting out of Waterford, CT is Sergiacomi. Blue trunks, fighting out of Danbury, CT is Kotau. Dan Miragliotta is our referee. Sergiacomi gets a warning early on for grabbing the shorts. Kotau knocks Sergiacomi down and takes his back. He's trying to sink in a rear naked choke and he's got it at about 2:15. He gets up bleeding from a cut over his left brow but getting up happy he got the finish.

Final result: Ilya Kotau finishes with a rear naked choke at 2:17 of the first round.


Parker Porter vs. Eric Bedard

Round 1: Eric Bedard is in the black trunks out of East Providence, Rhode Island. Porter is in the white trunks out of Danbury, CT. Dan Miragliotta is in charge. Both fighters stand and trade at the start, seemingly determined to find out which heavyweight will fall first. Porter is landing good combos and slowly backing Bedard up, and he's also mixing in occasional kicks. Bedard covers up when they get to the fence and wades back to the center. Two minutes in and neither man has fallen. Porter frequently lands the overhand right. His nose has been bloodied in the exchanges. Every time it looks like Porter might have finally landed a kill shot Bedard walks through it. The blood is becoming a problem for Porter now as he keeps wiping his nose. 10-9 Porter but Bedard is still in this.

Round 2: Porter still has a lot of pop in his jabs and hooks to open, and Bedard doesn't help his case when he's moving backward. Bedard clinches up but can't hold onto his foe. Porter hits an outside leg trip at 1:41. Porter goes for a kimura but is having trouble getting wrist control. In the meantime he's grinding Bedard up with elbows. Porter goes for the americana and has it at 2:51.

Final result: Parker Porter via submission (americana) at 2:51 of the second round.


Remo Cardarelli vs. Billy Giovanella

Round 1: Black trunks, 4-2 for Cardarelli out of Bedford, MA. Black trunks, 8-3 for Giovanella out of Bellingham, MA. Todd Anderson is our referee. Blue gloves for Cardarelli, red gloves for Giovanella. Cardarelli is searching and searching for takedowns but two minutes in he's found none. A guillotine attempt on a pulled guard fails and Cardarelli is on top. Todd Anderson comes over to keep toes out of the fence. Cardarelli spins and takes the back with short time, throwing lefts to the head. 10-9 Cardarelli.

Round 2: No significant advantage gained by either man in the first two minutes of the second round. Finally Giovanella lands some good rights over the top. Cardarelli responds by backing him up to the fence but doesn't keep him there. Cardarelli is again trying hard for a takedown but has to break at 3:28. He goes for it again at 3:43 and Giovanella tries to get a guillotine but can't. Cardarelli tries to stick to his back for the rest of the round. Not very exciting or dominant either way.

Round 3: Giovanella is trying to use his reach and height more this round, throwing some long kicks and fainting with his head and shoulder. Cardarelli isn't getting flustered by it - he's staying patient and waiting to land rights over the top. He throws a good combo at 1:55. Giovanella gets blocked hard at 2:22 and winds up mounted on the fence momentarily but nearly turns it around into a guillotine. He winds up on top but gets a warning to watch his head coming down as they accidentally clash. Giovanella just can't break free for any ground and pound as he keeps getting tied up. He powerbombs his way out of an armbar attempt and lands some hands from the back at the end.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 all for Remo Cardarelli.


Alex Dunworth vs. Dean Hancock

Round 1: 2-1, black trunks for Dunworth. 1-0, red trunks for Hancock. Todd Anderson is the ref. Hancock slips in the opening seconds and that seems to energize Dunworth as he throws blows. Hancock responds with a hard knee. Hancock has a cut over his right eye. Dunworth is going hard for a single leg on the fence but instead it's Hancock who takes the back and throws him. They're back to standing and trading at 1:30. Both men are cut and bleeding by the 3 minute mark. Hard leg kick by Hancock. Hancock with a takedown at 3:38 and quickly scrambling to take the back. Dunworth escapes the RNC attempt. Blood is pouring from Hancock's nose. Dunworth goes for a single leg with short time and just eats another knee. Wild first round. 10-9 Hancock.

Round 2: Spinning back kick to the midsection from Hancock early in R2. That'll rearrange your internal organs. Strong left jabs from Hancock. Dunworth has lost his mouthpiece. Anderson calls time to wash it out and put it back in. Hancock drops Dunworth with a left hand at 1:13 and he's still wobbling when he gets up, and he goes down again. Anderson warns him not to grab the shorts. Hancock lands a hard right at 1:44. Dunworth is a punching back now. He loses his mouthpiece again. He takes a knee and some hard shots on the fence. Dunworth gets another stoppage to put the mouthpiece in but the corner throws in the towel for him.

Final result: Dean Hancock wins via TKO (corner stoppage) at 2:14 of the second round.


Kaline Medeiros vs. Sarah Payant

Round 1: Pink top and black trunks, 1-0, Springfield, MA for Payant. Black top and blue trunks, 4-4, originally out of Brazil is Medeiros and her blue mohawk. Medeiros gets a takedown 20 seconds in to side control and is trying to hammer out an early win. Payant gets her back to closed guard and she quickly passes to half. Side control again at 1:25. Payant tries to get back to her knees and Medeiros keeps a front headlock then looks to take the back. Payant wants a kneebar but she's eating elbows and hammers. Medeiros is a whirling dirvish on the ground. Medeiros gets side control looking for a kimura with two minutes left in the round and Payant taps and yelps in pain as she does.

Final result: Kaline Medeiros wins via submission (kimura) at 3:24 of the first round.


Ryan Quinn vs. Waylon Lowe

Round 1: Long black trunks, 15-6, Philadelphia, PA for Raymond Lowe. Short black trunks, 10-5-1, Danbury, CT for Ryan Quinn. John McCarthy is our ref. Quinn has the red gloves, Lowe the blue. Quinn is controlling the center and throwing body and leg kicks. Lowe is landing good hard counter shots when they trade. Quinn slips on a kick and Lowe lets him back up. Quinn slips again at 2:45. Lowe finally makes him pay for it at 3:44 and then takes him down approximately 10 seconds later. Lowe backs away to avoid an upkick and lets Quinn stand. 10-9 round for Lowe.

Round 2: Lowe gets a front headlock when Quinn goes for a takedown. Quinn keeps a hand down to avoid a knee to the head. Quinn pushes Lowe to the fence again but it's just clinch battle that breaks at 1:28. Lowe gets a takedown and Quinn gets the guillotine and taps him out just seconds later.

Final result: Ryan Quinn via submission (guillotine) at 2:47 of the second round.


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