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Knockout! Frank Mir vs Todd Duffee full fight video highlights from UFC 'San Diego' last night


Most mixed martial arts (MMA) fans did't expect UFC Fight Night 71's main event to last more than one round. Those same folks didn't expect to wait until 1 a.m. ET to watch Frank Mir turn out the lights of Todd Duffee in little more than one minute.

That's not a typo ... just watch the video highlights above.

Indeed, the former Heavyweight champion -- and accomplished Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist -- decided to bang it out with Duffee early rather than take a more calculated line. On paper, it was un-wise, but in reality, it was brilliant.

Mir, 36, has been known to wilt when hit hard. But, he didn't wilt last night (Weds., July 15, 2015) inside Valley View Casino in San Diego, Calif., trading with Duffee and daring him to beat him at his own game. He did eat a few big shots, and was seemingly wobbled, but Duffee's chin could just not avoid Mir's left hand.

And he paid dearly.

Duffee did regain consciousness some time during the post-fight interview, but his memory card was more than likely completely erased by a veteran who has made a name for himself breaking bones.

A Mir renaissance, perhaps?

For complete results from UFC Fight Night 71: "Mir vs. Duffee," including play-by-play updates, click here.

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