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Frank Mir: Everybody's talking about Conor McGregor, but he's no Brock Lesnar

Esther Lin


Former UFC heavyweight champion and UFC Fight Night 71 headliner Frank Mir just slammed the brakes on the Conor McGregor bandwagon, which has been speeding down the wide-open hypeway at Mach 1 since the conclusion of the UFC 189 pay-per-view (PPV) event last Saturday night (July 11, 2015) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch it all go down right here.

But while the newly-crowned interim featherweight champion is the toast of the town, he has yet to reach the heights of Brock Lesnar, who set the high-water mark for box office bucks way back in 2009 against -- you guessed it -- Frank Mir, who tries to put some perspective on the two different eras.

From his conversation with FOX Sports:

"Everybody talks right now about Conor McGregor, how big Conor McGregor is -- I don't think any of Conor McGregor's pay-per-views have outsold what Brock Lesnar's pay-per-views were up to this point. This past weekend might do so, but as of now every time Brock stepped into the arena, he's a fan favorite. People just go nuts over the guy. It's always better to be remembered than forgotten and that just goes to show you the power that Brock Lesnar has. People still talk about UFC 100 to this day. That's still the bar that everybody compares events to. Even this last weekend with Conor McGregor, who has a whole country behind him and I don't think anybody's had foreigners travel to a fight like he does, and still we compare it to UFC 100."

For good reason.

Lesnar and Mir, who had a little help from former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, sold a staggering 1.6 million PPV buys for UFC 100. That means McGregor would have needed to surpass that figure last Saturday night and while promotion president Dana White called UFC 189 "the best event ever," the numbers have yet to be revealed.

Mir, meanwhile, has been relegated to FOX Sports 1 after a string of PPV losses.

There's no telling if McGregor can reach the level of Brock Lesnar in terms of must-see TV -- if he hasn't already -- but if UFC can pair him off with reigning division champion Jose Aldo, who is due back from the injured reserves this October, I certainly like his chances.

Anyone disagree?

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